Who is Gérald Marie, the ex-superstar boss of Elite plunged into turmoil?

Who is Gérald Marie, the ex-superstar boss of Elite plunged into turmoil?

Passed over in silence, this investigation nevertheless led to the termination of Linda Brinkworth's contract and the suspension of Gérald Marie for a year and a half. The following years, the agent's career did not really collapse: in 2010, he took over the reins of the Oui Management agency in Paris, then left Elite in 2011 after 25 years of (not so) good loyal and services.

Is the #MeToo wave finally overwhelming the fashion world?

If he was able to bounce back for a few years, Gérald Marie found himself in turmoil again in September 2020. Ready to do battle in the wake of the #MeToo movement, journalist Linda Brinkworth filed a complaint against the former Elite agent, followed by the reporting of three former models for "rape of a minor", "rape" and "sexual assault". The Swedish Ebba Karlsson had for example detailed to 20 Minutes having suffered digital penetration from Gérald Marie during a casting, the year of her 20th birthday. At the time, even though he was very discreet following the accusations made against agent Jean-Luc Brunel in the context of the Epstein case, Gérald Marie strongly denied these accusations in the Sunday Times .

A year later, on September 7, 2021, the French press reveals that the model and star of the 1990s Carré Otis traveled to Paris to testify with the brigade for the protection of minors, after having filed a complaint - under the name of Sutton family – in New York against Gérald Marie last August. Spurred on by journalist Linda Brinkworth, the 52-year-old American took the floor and accused the former agent of multiple rapes, which occurred when she was 17 years old. Facts she mentioned in her book Beauty Disrupted, published in 2011. The former model is accompanied by a dozen women, also ready to testify against the former boss, and whose stories agree.

Now 71 years old and retired from the podium, Gérald Marie formally denies the accusations made against him. His lawyer, Me Céline Bekerman, told AFP: “My client denies with dismay these false and defamatory allegations. He reserves his possible declarations to the competent authorities”. The former boss of Elite should be heard in the coming months.