15 fun early learning games to do with baby

15 fun early learning games to do with baby

Wanting to stimulate our children at all costs with colorful toys, we forget that the best early learning toy is us!

Wanting to stimulate our children at all costs with colorful toys (often too noisy or too expensive), we forget that the best early learning toy is us! If you are looking for ideas for activities to do with your baby, here are some very simple ones that should please him and create great interactions between you. Have fun!

1. Well done feet! : Pick up baby's feet when he is lying on his back (for example, during a diaper change) and tap them gently together while saying, "Well done, well done, well done!" »

2. Nose to nose: Bring your face close to baby's face, smile at him, stick out your tongue, open your eyes wide, open your mouth wide, shake your head… In fact, have fun! Baby loves to observe human faces, but he does not see very well at birth. It is for this reason that you must place your face about 25 cm from his nose so that he can see you clearly.

3. The little monkey: You yawn, I yawn, you say "aaaa", I say "aaaa"... Imitating the sounds and expressions that babies make is a fun and enjoyable way to introduce them to the principle of communication and foster his bond with you.

4. The rising bug…: Place your hand on one of baby's feet and “walk” your fingers gently over his body to his neck, repeating “The rising bug, which rises, which rises… Then, give her a kiss. If you repeat this game every day, baby will end up anticipating your movements with great pleasure.

5. Crazy dance: Dance with baby by holding him well against you (in a sling or a baby carrier, for example). Gently turn on yourself, stop, go back the other way, lean forward and to the sides, move your hips… In short, let yourself go! (from 3 months)

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6. Superman: Lay baby face down on your forearms placed horizontally. Rock him gently or walk around the room letting him observe the floor. If you have animals, he will love watching them.

7. Ho hoist! : When baby is lying on his back, take his hands and pull them gently to sit him up. Still holding her hands, gently lay baby back on her back. Give him a little kiss on the nose. It's a simple way to help him strengthen his neck muscles and encourage him to sit up on his own. (from 3 months)

8. The bicycle: Move baby's legs as if he were pedaling a bicycle. Chances are he will register the movement and start flailing his legs haphazardly! Baby spends so much time lying down that a little exercise will do him good.

9. Arm Dance: Raise baby's arms up, then down. Open his arms to the sides, then bring them back to his chest, crossing them. This little game will help him become aware of his body.

10. The plane: Lie on your back and place baby on your legs bent at 90°, holding him with your hands. Slowly move your legs, keeping them tight together. Imitate the sound of an airplane if you feel like it. (From 3 or 4 months)

Have fun… Yes, but under certain conditions!For pleasure to be there, baby must be rested and feel good. Playing with mom or dad is the best! However, when your diaper is full, your belly is empty, you're too cold or too hot, it's annoying and it just makes you want to cry! So it's best to stop stimulating baby as soon as he shows signs of boredom, fatigue or discomfort.

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11. Tactile surprises: Caress baby's hand with objects with different textures to stimulate their sense of touch: feathers, fabric, plastic, metal, plants, damp sponges, etc.

12. New smells: Develop baby's sense of smell by making him smell different smells: orange cut in half, flower, vanilla, cinnamon, banana, etc. Have fun watching his reactions!

13. Balloon: Attach a "balloon" to baby's foot with a string. As soon as he moves his leg, the ball will move and catch his eye. The ball can also be attached to the stroller when you go for a walk. Be careful not to leave baby unattended with a “balloon”.

14. Nice mirror: Stand in front of a mirror with baby, talk to him, sing, move, dance, point at him, etc. He won't know it's him, but the reflection of your moving images will capture his interest.

15. Mysterious noise: Place baby in a quiet room and have fun making a sound on the right side of his head, then on the left side to encourage him to turn his head. Observe his reaction and vary the noises: crumpled paper, rattle, noise with your voice, etc.

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