15 tips to organize with twins and only two arms

15 tips to organize with twins and only two arms

1.Note in a notebook that ate, at what time, how much milk or for how long.This will help you find your way, but also to go faster by entrusting the precious sesame to the person who will gently offer to relay yourself while you will have a massage for a few hours (it's okay, if we can't dream anymore ...)

2.Use a separate bottle of bottle for each practical baby for twins who do not have the same milk, the same water, or the same quantity

3.To feed them at the same time, you can place them face to face in their respective deckchairs, sit in the ground on the ground between the two, in profile, and reach an arm (and a bottle) on each side in a very yoga position.Proof that the secret of your zenitude is to have had twins.

4.Prepare water bottles and milk pods in advance to be operating faster (especially at night) and having lots of bottles to be able to wash them in batches, and avoid being constantly hands in thesink.

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5.At the time of food diversification -and except illness -use a single plate and a single spoon.(But double the quantity, under penalty of complaints to the consumer service) (you).6.Make your homemade purees and freeze portions, or buy frozen puree pebbles: without added salt, they are made from steamed vegetables, in short, it's life, real, when you have a little differentthing to do just peel carrots.7.If however you opt for the household (and your friends you call Bree Van de Kamp), continue on your momentum by preparing in advance and also freezing for you: it will be a precious time to win at night.8.To cool too hot purees, mix an ice cube with a mixture rather than blowing like that, it's bad for hyperventilation.9.Store the water bottles, boxes of milk and diapers, to enjoy promotions and not find yourself in RAD.Plan to be two weeks ago about.Because the number two, definitely, it brings happiness.(And that it gives you time to see) 10.In the first months, only use small practical outfits with buttoning below.Campaign for the day body-pyjama, anyway, they are so beautiful that a nothing dresses them.

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11.When you make a bottle, know it, at room temperature, it's very good.12.And sterilization of bottles is like antibiotics, it is not automatic.13.As for the bath, good news, every other day at the very beginning it is more than enough (it is you who run in all directions, not them.) 14.If you have a floor, plan at the bottom of the diapers, wipes, and some spare clothes, you will muscle the glutes later.

15.Do not listen too much the sentences starting with "In your place, I ..." or "If I were you ...", since precisely, you are the only ones to be you.Take care of your parents' instinct, and rather twice as a ...

To read: Welcoming twins, Chrystel Mussy-Masucci, Eyrolles editions.To visit: the site of the twin and more federation, which brings together assistance associations for parents of twins.Thank you to the parents of twins for their help, and in particular to Sophie, Caroline, Sabine, Laurie, Fatma, Angélique, Sophie and Marie.

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