2 signs that it is time to redo your interior painting the southern mail

2 signs that it is time to redo your interior painting the southern mail

If the walls of your house have been put in color, it may be that over years certain signs show that it is time to take out your paint pots.To help you detect these signals, here is what you should watch.


If you see that the color of your walls is starting to flare up, it is time for you to repaint your interior.Indeed, the coloring of the color arrives in the form of a crack and pieces of paintings can peel off the walls and ceilings.

Although there are many reasons for this process, the most widespread is poor preparation of the surface before it is colorful.For example, wood that has not been treated or prepared before being varnished or colorful can cause cracks.

Also note that excessive spreading of the paint and a very poor quality product can also be the cause of the peeling of the paint.To prevent this from happening, it is important to choose a very high quality paint and prepare the material well before it is painted.Also be aware that it is strongly advised not to paint directly on a cracked surface, it is absolutely necessary to remove all the scales using a metal brush before putting paint.

2 signes qu’il est temps de refaire votre peinture intérieure Le Courrier Sud

In order to avoid any error and for a quality finish, do not hesitate to redo your painting on South Shore in Ste Julie by calling on experts.

The cracks

If you see cracks in the paint film appear, this is another sign that you must redo your painting.The appearance of cracks is due to the application of a poor quality product that is not suitable for the surface that has been painted.The cracks may also come from an overly thick layer of color that has been badly diluted.If you use a brush instead of a roll to paint your walls, this could also be one of the causes related to cracks.

If the cracks are not too numerous and deep, you can simply gently sand the support, clean it and dry it so that you can then repaint over it.If your cracks are much more important, you will then have to sand the entire surface and apply a undercoat before you can repaint properly.

Know that if in addition to your cracks, bubbles appear on your walls, that means that you have humidity problems in your home.In this case, you will have to consider installing ventilation in your rooms.

In conclusion, scales and cracks on your walls and ceilings are the signals that it is time to repaint your interior.