8 Conditions for a lasting roof Beauce Média and the regional weekly

8 Conditions for a lasting roof Beauce Média and the regional weekly

September 10, 2021 at 11:47 a.m.

A roof completes a house.This is why a leaky or damaged roof makes the house completely uninhabitable.It is for this reason that the owners must always take care of their roof by maintaining it and when there is the slightest sign of damage, it must be repaired immediately.

To help you get the best of your roof and to ensure your safety, here are 8 conditions to respect for a sustainable roof.

Inspect your roof regularly

First, if you want your roof to last for decades, you need to inspect your roof regularly to see if everything is in order.In addition, you must take an in -depth assessment before the start of winter and after in spring.Check the condition of the roofing coating, keep an eye on the rust when checking the metal materials on the roof and make sure the flash is in good condition.

Clean gutters and rainfall

Over time, debris accumulates in the gutters system and can block them, creating stagnant water areas.If it is not evacuated, it can eventually infiltrate your roof and cause damage.In spring and fall, remember to clean your gutters, as well as after days of high winds.

Eliminate the foam on the roof

8 conditions pour une toiture durable Beauce Média et L'Hebdo Régional

Green foam plates on your roof may seem rustic, but this can shorten its lifespan.The foam begins to push in the form of a thin layer enters and on the shingles.Over time, it lifts shingles and water can infiltrate.

Turn off the tree branches

Serious problems arise with overhanging tree branches above the roof.In addition to allowing wild animals to easily access the house, they can damage the roof during large winds or if they fall on the roof.

Avoid ice dams

Ice dams are generally formed at the edge of the roof during the winter.They can damage both the roof and the interior of your home.In addition, they endanger rainfall and gutters.

Replace the missing or damaged shingles

In order to avoid water infiltration in the roof, it will be essential to replace the roof shingles as soon as they show signs of wear, whether they are damaged or simply missing.Thanks to this repair work, you could add a few years to the sustainability of your roof.

Repair your chimney

Chimneys are often the culprits when there is a water leak in the roof.Inspect it regularly, and make the repairs necessary to avoid worsening the situation.

Improve your roof insulation

The insulation creates a thermal barrier that protects your roof.In winter, it prevents heat from escaping too quickly from the house by the roof, which causes ice dams, humidity, and other risks.By improving the insulation of your withdrawal, you will avoid certain problems and you could even save on your heating costs in winter.

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