Mites: respiratory allergies: allergies to mites -

Mites: respiratory allergies: allergies to mites -

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Je certifie ne pas envoyer d'e-mail indésirableLes acariens sont la deuxième cause d’allergies respiratoires après le pollen. Focus sur ces petites bêtes - et conseils pour s'en débarrasser - à l’aide du docteur Nhân Pham-Thi, pneumo-allergo-pédiatre à l’hôpital Necker.

Who are the mites?

Mites are parasites invisible to the naked eye that love heat and humidity.They like to nest in homes and are particularly comfortable in our duvets, curtains, stuffed animals which provide them with a favorable environment.A temperature close to 19 ° C (or 26.6 ° C and 32 ° C in mattresses and carpets) allows these small spiders to develop and procreate en masse.If your room is wet (optimal humidity rate of 50 to 70% for a room at 25 ° C) and small monsters find their food (skin and food debris), the invasion is imminent!

Acurns responsible for asthma?

However, they are the main cause of the appearance and severity of asthma.The more there are, the more the risk is present for the child, especially if his parents have genetic predispositions to allergy (fragile respiratory tract or infectious history).The very severity of the crises of an asthmatic is conditioned by the concentration of mites, on a mattress, for example.

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Mites and dust

Acariens : allergies respiratoires : les allergies aux acariens -

Dust consists of sand, hair, dead skins, textile fibers, pollen, food remains, bacteria, toxic heavy metals and mites.This mixture varies according to the place of residence - The quality of the dust is not the same in a house by the sea as in an apartment overlooking the street -, and even, from one room to another!Thus, in the entrance, we find rather the heavy metals, which we bring from the outside.The most dusty room is usually the kitchen, the most used room.It is also there that the dust is noticed the least, fixed by fat and humidity!

How can we reduce the concentration of mites at home?

To limit the exhibition - and allergies to mites, Doctor Nhân Pham -Thi invented an ingenious system, that of the 6 A:

- ventilate: open your windows at least once a day to balance the humidity (air humidity), preferably upon waking up.- Aspire: clean up frequently and preferably use special filters of the HEPA type (industrial standard of high degree of filtration of household vacuum cleaners).Note: if you are allergic, go hand in someone around you!It is preferable that it is a person who is not allergic who "stir the dust".- Anti-Acurians: there is a mattress cover whose extremely fine mesh, prevents mites from passing.To favor at the expense of acaricide sprays.- flatten: favor flat surfaces that are easy to clean like parquet or tiles instead of the carpet that attracts mites.Curtains and woolen covers are also mites nests.- clean up: change your sheets regularly and wash them at 55-60 degrees to kill mites.

Circums in figures

- 1/3 of a millimeter: this is the average size of a mite.- an altitude at least more than 1500 meters kills mites.- 8000 liters of air: this is what an adult is breathing daily.- A few hundred millions of dust: this is what an adult, in regions with a high urban concentration, is breathed daily.- 10% of the world's population is affected by asthma.- 5% of the French population is affected by asthma.

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