In Montpellier, a 15 -year -old teenager stabbed to death by a 14 -year -old boy

In Montpellier, a 15 -year -old teenager stabbed to death by a 14 -year -old boy

A teenager of about fifteen years old was fatally injured with stabs on Saturday evening in Montpellier, during an altercation between young people apparently triggered by a few whistles and invective.The alleged perpetrator, another teenager of the same age or almost as his victim - they were both born in 2006 - presented on Sunday at the police station, where he was placed in police custody.It was to be heard this Monday by the prosecution, said in an email the public prosecutor of Montpellier, Fabrice Bélargent.

According to the prosecutor, a group of young people, "essentially minors", who had spent the afternoon of Saturday in Montpellier "in a completely harmless", were on the way back to their homes around 9:15 p.m..This group was made up of "three girls and two boys", according to a source close to the investigation.They then meet two other young people, one of whom "exhibited an American fist": "The group therefore decides to accelerate the step, followed by whistles from the two young people, then invective", beforebe joined at a tram station, in the southern outskirts of Montpellier, according to the prosecutor.

The two teenagers seize the throat

It is at this place that one of the two young people, the one in the American fist, "seized the throat" one of the members of the other group, one of the two boys, who "in fact the same againstHis attacker ", explains the prosecution in his press release: the initial aggressor" is then seen coming out his American fist ", faced with which the member of the targeted group" takes a table knife and wears two stab wounds to his opponent "."The latter tries to adorn the blows with his knee, but he will still receive other stabs," continues the prosecutor, explaining that "all young people in the first group then go up on the bus that brings them back to theirDomiciles ".

À Montpellier, un ado de 15 ans poignardé à mort par un garçon de 14 ans

"A large number of stab wounds was found on the body of the victim," transported to the Montpellier University Hospital, where she died on Sunday, still according to the same source.

The prosecutor indicated that he would not bring "any other details" on the identity of the protagonists, "when it comes to minors".The survey was entrusted to the departmental security.