Makeup remover: Which product to choose? Our advice according to the type of skin in order to use the best…

Makeup remover: Which product to choose? Our advice according to the type of skin in order to use the best…

The more you try, the harder it is to find the right makeup remover. Fortunately, Objeko conducted the survey and ranked them the best according to your skin. What happiness!

Deborah Attias(03/28/2021)

Choosing a make-up remover is not easy. Indeed, we must base ourselves on the nature of the skin. Phew, our team is here to help you!

What is the best make-up remover for sensitive skin?

Baume de rose bi-phase make-up remover from BY TERRY

First of all, upon discovering it, Objeko noticed that this makeup remover is bi-phase. In other words, there is both an oil and an aqueous solution. This mixture has advantages since it is effective in all circumstances. To hide your imperfections, you tend to put on several layers of makeup. However, after a passage, there will be nothing left.

Regarding its composition, rose oil is a moisturizing component known to all dermatologists and beauty influencers. Softness, feeling of well-being, the dictionary lacks qualifiers to describe its effectiveness. Even without make-up, you are luminous

Gentle make-up remover by YVES ROCHER

As always, Yves Rocher stands out with its low price policy. However, this makeup remover has another big advantage. Indeed, it is really the ally of sensitive eyes. Thanks to the cornflower present inside, it is no longer difficult to remove the mascara and thus avoid irritation.


The American brand is increasingly well known in France. This time, this make-up remover is a milk that is really effective and gentle on the skin. Thanks to it, no trace of foundation or lipstick will remain on the face. You are so beautiful for your date with Morpheus!

Our choice of makeup remover for combination skin

ERBORIAN Centella Cleansing Oil

Make-up remover: Which product to choose? Our advice according to the type of skin in order to use the best…

Sion translates the main component of this makeup remover to tiger grass. Even if this name tends to scare, Objeko wants to reassure you. Nothing can soothe you more than this oil. In addition to removing all impurities, it hydrates the skin and leaves no greasy film on it. Phew, now we can throw ourselves … on him because he is magic! Moreover, if you appreciate this component, the brand offers you a whole dedicated range.

MELVITA Gentle Face Cleansing Milk

Here again, the low price is a major advantage for this makeup remover. Rest assured, this is not the only thing on which Objeko based his study. Just smell its scent to feel transported to another world. Rose, green tea and orange blossom seem to be made to mix. Why has no brand thought of this before?

Oily skin is entitled to its own make-up remover

Crystalline Micellar Water by MARIONNAUD

This time, the only drawback is that this make-up remover is only found in this taught. Rest assured, the online store can also send you home this makeup remover that works miracles. Again, it's a mix of blueberry and hyaluronic acid that works wonders! At less than ten euros, we do not see why we would deprive ourselves of it!

Micellar Cleansing Water with Moringa Seeds by NUXE

Who doesn't know the Nuxe brand? It's impossible ! This time, Objeko has decided to tell you about the range based on Moringa Seeds. More than ever, we need this make-up remover in our beauty routine. Baptized miracle tree by specialists, we appreciate the fact that it is not necessary to rinse afterwards. A single cotton and gesture is enough! Your skin is soothed and feels purified. What more could you ask for? Oh yes, this product is part of a range that you must discover urgently!

Purifying Micellar Water by SAEVE

Just by looking at the recipe, we understand that we will love this make-up remover. In addition to the delicious smell of grapefruit, there is a variegated oils such as Petitgrain, Lavender and White Musk…everything seems to come together to bring freshness and serenity to our skin. All in all, this beauty product has exactly what it takes to become a regular in your bathroom. So give it a try, you won't regret it!

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