Nagra Reference Anniversary Turntable: a high-end vinyl plate that pushes the limits of physics and wallets

Nagra Reference Anniversary Turntable: a high-end vinyl plate that pushes the limits of physics and wallets

The legend of the Nagra audio does not only develop recorders (some of which have marked history).His electronics, like the recent HD DAC X, clearly rank in the HIFI HIFI branch.With its new anniversary revival turnable, the Swiss manufacturer may well strike hard in the field of vinyl platinum.Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Nagra, this platinum in edition limited to 70 copies highlights the brand's know-how in the matter.


Metal, metal and metal

A real goldsmith's piece like Nagra knows how to do them so well, the Platinum Reference Anniversary Turnable is particularly impressive and in the vein of the few other exceptional parts in this sector.Four years were therefore necessary for many engineers to design it.

A particular point announces the color: this set weighs no less than 176 pounds, or about 80 kg.We are talking about a set, since the power unit and the drive engine are arranged in the same 24.6 kg chassis, separated from the plate.Double engine drive improves the precision and stability of the rotation speed, permanently monitoring the tray.

The complexity of the Nagra Reference Anniversary Turnable Platinum begins with its chassis and its subchssis.The structure is designed in machined aeronautical aluminum, the various plates of which sandwich phenoplast thicknesses (polymer family).But that's not all.Nagra combines mechanical and hydraulic suspension for decoupling.The pillars (arranged on the four corners) thus incorporate a spring mechanism, plunged into a high viscosity fluid.The result is, according to the manufacturer, without common measure with the other models, allowing to completely decline the tray of external and internal vibrations.

Nagra Reference Anniversary Turntable : une platine vinyle High-End qui repousse les limites de la physique et du portefeuille

The tray itself is just as impressive.Very thick and heavy (6.5 kg), it is designed from a special alloy in non-ferrous materials, named AM.Developed by a French company, this 60% more dense material than titanium (and with depreciation properties) was initially created following a request from the CNES (National Center for Spatial Studies).


The sub-platform is in machined aluminum and also has an upper layer in Phenoplast.The trench of the bearing is designed in a machined ferrous graphite.The ball bearing on the tray is cut into steel, with a finish usually developed in watchmaking.

Finally, the top of the plateau consists of 22 mm of methacrylate (antistatic material).Its transparency reveals most of the components, like certain watches.This all the more recalls the Swiss heritage of Nagra.

Have a long arm

For reading, Nagra ends its plate with an arm of 10.5 inches (26.7 cm) with double concentric carbon fiber, incorporating an intermediate layer of wood in its structure (in order to reduce vibrations).The wiring is in monocrystalline money.

The base of the arm, mainly made of machined steel and ultra dense polyethylene, is integrated with a silicone damping system.

In order to guarantee the optimal alignment of the diamond, an ambitious magnetic anti-skating mechanism is integrated into the reading arm.Of course, an advanced VTA adjustment is also there.

Pur produit d'horlogerie audio, la platine vinyle Nagra Reference Anniversary Turntable est annoncée au prix de 169 500 euros, un tarif aussi déraisonnable que la High-End.


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