Ray Donovan The film: End of a family tragedy for the Donovan (spoilers)

Ray Donovan The film: End of a family tragedy for the Donovan (spoilers)

Back on the film Ray Donovan which concludes the tragic history of the Donovan family.Spoilers.

When Showtime unexpectedly canceled Ray Donovan after the end of his seventh season in January 2020, the fans were confused.Not only did the abrupt end come out of nowhere, but the last episode left a number of characters in the wind.It was nothing like a real end to "fix" it Ray Donovan and his fractured family.This cancellation was also a shock for the creative team who provided for an eighth season when she learned the news.

Showrunner David Hollander regretted not being able to finish the series in which he wanted it.Fortunately to Hollander and the fans, Ray Donovan is entitled to a film which makes it possible to lead the series to a more or less satisfactory conclusion ending the circle of constant violence between Ray Donovan and his father Mickey.

Co-written by Hollander and the main actor Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan: the film alludes to what an eighth full season could have been, tapped with possibilities and provides conclusions for most of his characters.But of course, it's more an epilogue in season 7, a long last episode rather than a real season 8.But what will really count for fans is that the series has been authorized to end according to its own conditions.This is the last job that Ray merit.

The past catches up with them

The seventh season of Ray Donovan ended with the sudden death of Smitty (Graham Rogers), the husband of Bridget (Kerris Dorsey), during an agreement which turned terribly badly and which was orchestrated by the still terribly badMickey Donovan (Jon Voight), the father that Ray (Schreiber) has disowned several times.The action of the film resumes as Mickey fled to Boston (their hometown) with the actions of Declan Sullivan in a case and the blood of her granddaughter on her hands.

Naturally, Ray goes to pursuit, but the film sets up a structure in which we can see him very early to speak to his therapist (Alan Alda) and make him a confession: "I killed my father," he said.Obviously, Ray has accounts to settle when he finds his father, transforming the film into a mystery on the way this death will take place.Did Ray finally inflict on Mickey the punishment he has deserved for years?Naturally, it's a little more complicated than that.

Ray Donovan Le Film : Fin d’une tragédie familiale pour les Donovan (spoilers)

Hollander and Schreiber decided to continue the structure of flashbacks used in the seventh season, plunging in the past life of the young Ray (Chris Gray) and a much more dashing Mickey, played wonderfully by Bill Heck.The father-son bow throughout the series wins in depth while the film fulfills part of what is essentially the original story of the "cleaner" in discover the moment when Mickey has become a local star and especiallyThe moment when the young Ray acquired some of the skills of the profession which defined it during the first seasons of the series.

These flashbacks (a little too numerous) allow us to understand the dynamics between Ray and Mickey but the 1h40 of the film are not enough to explore everything.Hollander and Schreiber clearly have a mine of ideas on how Ray and Mickey got there, and the master stroke of the film is how it connects Ray and Mickey's final act to a first acting act.Ray cleans a long time behind his father and, in many ways, Ray Donovan: the film shows us how Ray makes the decision to end it.

Little space for others

However, the focus on the relationship between Ray and Mickey gives too little room for other characters who find themselves being details of the story.Most family interactions occur at the start of the film while Terry (Eddie Marsan), Bunchy (Dash Mihok) and Daryll (Pooch Hall) come together after Smitty's funeral, which of course transform into a drunk and rowdy affair.

There are some narrative elements of Ray Donovan the film which are precipitated, in particular in the speed with which these complex characters go from the end of season 7 to their last moments in the film.

Before having a crucial final gesture, Bridget spends most of the film crying the death of her husband and being angry with her family, which is normal but we don't really see her mourning.For his part, Bunch tries a reconciliation with Teresa, his daughter's mother.The ex -couple seems to want to make an effort, leaving the door open on a positive moment, but we will never see if it is conclusive.

With the help of Lena (Kate Moennig literally appears less than a minute thirty on the screen) Darryl receives a new identity in order to avoid prison.His story is barely touched, he takes his plane and disappears.And without a final thank you, Lena who will have always been an underestimated and underused character, leaves for good.It would have been interesting to know at least what she has become since she decided to move away from Ray and her muddles, but she was only there to serve Daryll's flight.As for this poor Terry, whose state is deteriorating, he cooks hoping that his family come to join him to dine.

Kill the (big) father

The film ends with the death of Mickey Donovan, but not from the hands of Ray, of those of Bridget who ends the perpetual violence of his family.In one way or another Mickey had to die.After Ray was shot by Molly Sullivan (revenge for his father), Mickey will see his son and tries to help him but Bridget arrives and kills his grandfather.One last time, Ray is doing better.He covers for his daughter, calls his shrink and tells him that he killed his father.Shortly after, the police and an ambulance arrived embarking Ray who was arrested for the murder and coming out of Mickey's lifeless body.

In the end, Ray Donovan was a series on a broken man and his dysfunctional family who hid under layers of wholesale.The last moments of the series see Ray pay for the crime of his daughter but also to penance to send his father to prison years ago.It is his way to stop the vicious circle of violence perpetrated by the Donovan for decades.But the truth is that the film is a little slow and tells us nothing more than what the series has already told us.It is still good for fans who have been faithful since 2013 to have a conclusion that holds up.

Ray Donovan the film is this evening, January 19 on Canal+ and on MyCanal.

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