Recipe: How to make a Nutella pancake cake?

Recipe: How to make a Nutella pancake cake?

Made popular by great chefs like Hélène Darroze, the pancake cake remains quite unknown.Very simple to do and delicious, it allows you to taste pancakes in a completely different way and to create a dessert to share with everyone.

If you want to change the essential sugar pancake, then what could be better than candlestick to eat pancakes under this unprecedented way?

Here is everything you need to know to make a Nutella pancake cake!

What is a pancake cake?

If you have never seen it before, a pancake cake is as its name suggests, a dessert made from several layers of pancakes between which we have deposited chocolate, jam or any other flavor that will make youpleasure.

The principle is to create a cake by stacking pancakesclassics, even pancakes for the most gourmet.Once mounted, it will be enough to cut a part made up of dozens of regular layers created by the pancakes.A recipe as beautiful as good!

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Very appetizing, this sweet nugget makes us eat pancakes in an unprecedented way and allows everyone to come together around a single dessert!We can even transform it into a birthday cake.

The easy recipe for pancake cake

Unsurprisingly, to make this dessert, you will have to start by preparing...crepes !You can make a classic pancake dough recipe, but also opt for a gluten -free version, milk or egg -free.Everything lies in the assembly by accumulating the layers and adding the garnish.Side flavor, you can please yourself!

Spread, jam, lemon, tiramisu style, matcha tea...This millefeuille of pancakes is infinitely customizable.

Here is a recipe for nutella pancake cake super easy to make!

The ingredients to prepare a pancake cake:

The preparation steps:

Once all of your pancakes are ready, you can go to the assembly:

For the small decoration, you can always add icing sugar, chocolate shavings, broken rock rocks, grated coconut...Enjoy your lunch !

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