The informed investor An institutional of Wisconsin acquires 10% of Davidstea

The informed investor An institutional of Wisconsin acquires 10% of Davidstea

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Publié le 5 déc. 2021Richard Dufour La Presse

An institutional investor of Wisconsin revealed this week to have 10 % participation in the Montreal retailer Davidstea.

A document filed Thursday with the Securities and Exchange Commission indicates that Domo Capital Management has 2.6 million shares in Davidstea.

This block of shares makes Domo Capital the second shareholder in importance of the company behind poor days, the private portfolio company of Herschel Segal.

The Domo Capital investment philosophy is to invest for the long term in undervalued securities and having lost the favor of investors despite solid fundamentals.

An administrator of Bausch Health bought this week for almost $ 2 million in shares from the Laval Pharmaceutical Company.Steven Miller bought Tuesday 60,000 shares.He joined the board of directors this year.

Le titre de Lion sera ajouté à l’indice S&P/TSX à compter du 20 décembre.

Three Quebec titles (Talow, Dollarama and WSP) are found on the list of best investment ideas in Canada for 2022 presented this week by RBC.This short list of 27 titles also has names like Shopify, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, Brands Restaurant (Tim Hortons), Banque de Montréal, Banque TD, CIBC, Magna, Telus and CP.

L’investisseur avisé Un institutionnel du Wisconsin acquiert 10 % de DavidsTea

Category B shares of Couche-Tard will be converted into "A" shares at the end of the day on Tuesday before being struck off from the Toronto Stock Exchange.As of Wednesday morning, the title will be negotiated under the symbol "ATD" without extension.

The National Bank has lost this week the support of securities desjardins.Doug Young withdrew his purchasing recommendation after learning about the results of the end of the year."The title deserves an evaluation bonus, but the expansion of the multiple is limited.The results depend more on capital markets than those of other banks, and I expect moderate performance for these activities in 2022.»»

The problem with the results presented by the National Bank is not that they are bad, underlines Meny Grauman, of scotia, it is simply that they are not as good as they have already been.This analyst had withdrawn her purchasing suggestion one week before publication of the results.

Morgan Stanley began an official CAE coverage on Friday without recommending the purchase of the action of the Montreal flight simulator manufacturer.

The withdrawal of Bombardier's action in November is notably linked to fears surrounding an actions program following comments made by management during a conference call on October 28.In a note published on Tuesday, analyst Walter Spracklin, from RBC, who spoke with management, says that a action program is not in the boxes and that it should relieve investors.

Quebec Opsens, Senvest and Uni-Sélect titles have all reached this week a summit of the last 52 weeks in Toronto.In contrast, those of Quebecor, Innergex, Stella-Jones, Lion, Lightspeed, Xebec, 5n Plus, Taiga, Hexo and Saputo have just received a floor of the last 52 weeks.

In the context where large companies plan a face -to -face return, variants, such as omicron, risk supporting demand for maintenance services.This is one of the reasons why John Zamparo, of the CIBC, has just changed his recommendation on GDI this week.He suggests to his customers since Tuesday to buy the title of the Montreal maintenance of maintenance services, notably stressing that the withdrawal of action this fall is exaggerated."GDI remains a significantly more profitable company than it was before the pandemic.»»

The Sun Life insurer announced on Wednesday the acquisition of just over 6 million dialogue actions at a price of $ 8 as part of a private transaction carried out with long -standing shareholders who have not beennamed.Power Corporation would be one of the sellers, according to our understanding.The operation makes Sun Life by far the largest shareholder of the Montreal virtual care company, with a participation which is now 23 %.

A member of the FIERA Capital board of directors has just bought for nearly $ 115,000 in shares from the Montreal asset manager.Geoff Beattie bought on November 25, 10,450 shares.