"Tomorrow belongs to us" in advance of January 27, 2022: Céleste was druged, Alex and Chloé are suspected of mistreating their daughter (summary and spoilers of episode 1109)

"Tomorrow belongs to us" in advance of January 27, 2022: Céleste was druged, Alex and Chloé are suspected of mistreating their daughter (summary and spoilers of episode 1109)

“Tomorrow belongs to us” ahead of Thursday, January 27, 2022, detailed summary and spoilers of episode 1109 of DNA. In your daily series, analyzes revealed that Celeste was drugged. Alex and Chloe are suspected of child abuse.


The detailed summary of episode 1108 of Wednesday January 26 of Tomorrow belongs to us is also online. Good reading.


Tomorrow belongs to us: Summary in advance of episode 1109 of Thursday January 27, 2022

Timothée confesses his feelings to Anna

Pushed by Gabriel, Timothée takes his courage in both hands and declares his love for Anna. But the reaction of the young woman is not the one he expected. Anna explains to Timothée that he is making a transfer. Victor's son reported his desire or his feelings to his psychologist. Timothée assures Anna that he is truly in love with her and laments that she does not take him seriously. Anna explains to Timothée that she is his therapist and that she cannot be his girlfriend. Then, she reminds Timothée that she loves Karim and that she is not available. Anna then explains to him that she appreciates him very much, but not with a romantic love. And she suggests that Timothée work next time on his way of perceiving when a woman is receptive or not to avoid this kind of misunderstanding.

But Timothy refuses. He feels that Anna's advice was useless. Not only has he not found a girlfriend, but he will also be unhappy because of her. That's why Timothy doesn't want to see her anymore. Disturbed, he then goes to Raphaëlle's office and confides in his father that he has declared his feelings to Anna. Victor is flabbergasted and explains to his son that he must turn the page even if it is painful. But Timothée doesn't want to hear anything. Raphaëlle makes him believe that she too fell in love with her shrink at the same age as him. And she explains to him that she had understood that she was not really in love with him and that it was just a fantasy. She tries to convince him that it's not worth losing a good shrink for this.

Victor later thanks Raphaëlle for being so amazing with his son. He was impressed by her tact. The lawyer tells her that she understood very young that it took a good dose of imagination to get out of life.


Nathan can't tell Angie the truth

In high school, Nathan assures his new confidante, Mona, that she will not repeat what he confided to her the day before, namely that he never acted out with a daughter. Nathan is indeed afraid to pass for a "buffoon" in the eyes of others if they learn that at 18 years old, he has not yet slept with a girl. Mona advises Nathan to assume and talk to Angie. But Nathan is afraid that the girl will laugh at him. Mona thinks on the contrary that Angie will be very touched that it is with her that he will lose his virginity.

At the hostel, Angie confides in Jack that Nathan is fleeing and she wonders if she had better leave him before he does. Angie is indeed afraid of becoming attached and of suffering. Mona overheard their conversation and gets involved. She explains to Angie that if Nathan is fleeing, it's probably because he has a good reason. And Mona makes several hypotheses to explain Nathan's behavior, such as preserving himself until marriage. Angie then wonders if Nathan might not be a virgin. Mona advises him to ask her the question.

“Tomorrow belongs to us” ahead of January 27, 2022: Céleste was drugged, Alex and Chloe are suspected of abusing their daughter (Summary and Spoilers of episode 1109)

Angie shares her theory with Jahia a little later, but Jahia has doubts. Nathan is a great flirt. She thinks Nathan is playing with Angie and just wants to seduce her to flatter her ego.

Nathan has made an appointment with Angie to tell her that he is a virgin, but he changes his mind at the last moment. He then asks Angie if she can write a testimonial of good behavior for his court case. And he would also like Angie to ask Irene to do the same. Angie takes the opportunity to tell him that she thinks he's a virgin and he doesn't dare tell her. But Nathan is silent and lets him believe the opposite. Angie then tells him about Jahia's theory. Nathan assures Angie that her sister is wrong.

Celeste was drugged

Céleste slept well and Chloé feels reassured. But now that Andréa is gone, Chloe wonders who will keep Céleste. Alex is afraid that his daughter will catch cold in the truck during her deliveries. Chloé wants to take her to high school, but it wouldn't be very professional. Judith proposes to babysit her little sister today. Noa will handle the Little Spoon for him. Alex and Chloe are delighted to be able to count on their daughter, but their joy is short-lived. Jérôme Marquis comes to their house. Mandated by Social Aid, he came to investigate the case of their daughter Céleste. The little girl was admitted to the emergency room twice in the space of 72 hours and a report of abuse was made to Child Welfare. Alex and Judith rebel. Chloe is stunned. She thinks Andrea is trying to get revenge.

At the hospital, Flore pretends to worry a lot about Céleste and asks Marianne about her. But Dr. Delcourt is in a hurry. She tells Flore that she should be more concerned about the lack of staff at the hospital than the health of her granddaughter. Flore claims to love Celeste very much and to worry about the little girl she took care of. Marianne reminds him that things have changed. Now it doesn't concern her anymore.

Jérôme Marquis begins his investigation and questions Alex and Chloé. He is very knowledgeable. Jérôme knows that they separated after the birth of Céleste and that Alex had problems with alcohol which pushed Chloé to ask for sole custody of their daughter. He points out that Celeste has often fallen ill lately. Jerome imagines that the little girl cried a lot. He thinks it was a trying time for Chloe and with her job of responsibility, it must not have been easy for her to juggle the two. Chloe keeps her cool. Admittedly, Céleste had a pneumopathy and a few ear infections, but she is very well cared for. She assures Jérôme that she is perfectly able to manage her professional life and that of her family. And then, she's not alone. Alex and his daughter also support him. But Jérôme Marquis then insinuates that they mistreat their child. Chloe rebels. They would be unable to do such a thing. Alex criticizes Jérôme for suing them when he has no proof. But Marquis is stubborn. They ask Chloe and Alex to just face reality.

Alex suspects Flore of having made a report to the ASE. That's why he makes an appointment with the Spoon to confront her. Flore admits having contacted the ASE and affirms that she had no choice. She points out that Celeste had two falls in three days which could have led to lifelong neurological damage. Flore then tells Alex that they don't know how to take care of their daughter. Bart intervenes, but Alex tells him it's none of his business. Alex summons Flore to contact the ASE and come back to her remarks. But Flore explains to him that she hasn't invented anything: her alcoholism, her problems with Chloé, Celeste's falls. And she claims to have made this report only for Celeste. Alex is not fooled and regrets that Flore has no qualms about separating a baby from its mother, even if it means that she ends up in a home, just to justify her little personal revenge. Flore replies: “We only get what we deserve”. Alex insults her and wonders how he could manage to be so in love with her. Before leaving, Alex tells Flore that she is sick to death.

Jérôme Marquis goes to the hospital and meets Marianne. He explains to her that Celeste's parents are suspected of mistreating their child and he wants to consult Celeste's file. Marianne is stunned, but grants her request. Jérôme notes that Marianne has detected an old broken arm. Cédric interrupts them to give Marianne the results of Celeste's blood test. Dr. Delcourt falls from the clouds. Jerome wants to see the results. Traces of alprazolam were detected in the blood. They are in sufficient quantities to “knock out Celeste”. It is an anxiolytic that causes repeated falls. Jerome is not surprised. Exhausted parents come to this to get their child to stop crying or fussing. Marianne rebels. Chloe would never do such a thing. But the facts are there. Celeste was drugged.

Jerome reports to the prosecutor. Sébastien Perrault opens an investigation and instructs Martin to take care of this case. Commander Constant is also flabbergasted. He doesn't see Alex and Chloe drugging their child and thinks it's a mistake. Sébastien thinks that Martin is not objective and asks him to take this investigation very seriously. For her part, Marianne informs Alex and Chloe of the results of the blood tests when the police knock on the door. Martin came with colleagues to carry out a search. Nordine finds boxes of Alprazolam in the pharmacy in the bathroom. Chloe remembers that they belonged to Xavier. They were prescribed to him after his defenestration. The police also took away food products and medicines belonging to Celeste to carry out analyses.

A little later, Damien informs Martin that a large quantity of anxiolytics has been found in Céleste's antibiotics. He deduces that the Delcourts are drugging their daughter.

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