Washing a wall: the right equipment, method, detergent - Côté Maison

Washing a wall: the right equipment, method, detergent - Côté Maison

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Cleaning your wall is a step that should not be overlooked before repairing holes and cracks, applying the undercoat and then the paint. What good material to choose? How to pass the sponge? Côté Maison gives you its tips for perfectly washing your wall to be painted.

Before applying the paint to your wall, several steps are necessary for a perfect result. The first, detailed here, consists of cleaning the surface to be painted. Especially if it has grease stains, areas of mold, fingerprints or other visible dirt.

Washing a wall: the right equipment

To wash your wall, you need: - a bucket - a sponge - a degreasing detergent - water

Washing a wall: the right method

Washing a wall: the right material, method, detergent - Côté Maison

Using a degreasing detergent or a mild detergent diluted in water and a sponge, your wall to be painted will regain all its shine. Warning: to avoid dirty drips, your wall must be washed from bottom to top. Finish by rinsing with clear water and completely drying, lasting at least 4 hours. Remember to protect your floor with plastic. To prevent slipping, cover it with an old cloth.

Good to know: Saint Marc® pine resin detergent is ideal for cleaning walls.

Washing a wall with traces of mold

Are traces of mold persisting? Apply bleach to remove them. Then, wash, rinse and let your wall dry.

Washing a wall with traces of wallpaper glue

Once moistened with a sponge, remove the remaining traces of glue with a scraper. Remember to let it dry before filling any holes and cracks.

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