Why am I going to vote for the Bloc Québécois |Jdm

Why am I going to vote for the Bloc Québécois |Jdm

Quebec Bashing has become a national sport in Canada.It is no longer annoying to spit in the faces of frogs from the top of an assumed superiority.

This is nothing new, but this time, we could not affect a halluberlu of an incartade, it was the Canadian media and political intelligentsia in all its splendor gathered in this official Canadian forum that is the debate of chiefs.

This explains the strong reaction of Quebecers.There are even cursed limits to be treated like paria.


Pourquoi je vais voter pour le Bloc Québécois | JDM

This episode was revolting in itself, but the accomplice and heavy silence of the four other leaders who dared to defend Quebecers live and in English had many Quebecers realize the importance of the Bloc Québécois;The only party standing to defend us that evening.Annamia's condescension Paul des Grerts has added a layer.

We said to ourselves: Fortunately, Yves-François Blanchet was there.François Legault also thanked it the next day for his defense of Quebec.

Quebecers have understood, more than ever, than a guard dog in Ottawa to fight for our rights and our honor is essential.

PLC + NPD + Green and Conservatives, it's no

François Legault invites nationalists not to vote for centralizing parties: Liberals, NDPs or Greens who do not respect the skills of Quebec.All right.But it is out of the question to vote for the conservatives who reject the CPEs and $ 6 billion, in addition to having an important nucleus of deputies and climatosceptic, propétrole, anti -avoly, proarmes or non-vaccinated nucleus within them.

Like hundreds of thousands of Quebecers, I will therefore vote with the conviction that this party is there to claim to Ottawa Quebec consensus.I will vote for concrete gains for our nation, to have the balance of power in the face of what promises to be a minority government.