Diversity |For the inclusion of all women |The press

Diversity |For the inclusion of all women |The press

Consciousness for the accession of women to management positions and boards of directors slowly makes its way.Organisms and events to enhance them multiply.At the same time, the Black Lives Matter movement has given momentum to the intentions of diversity, inclusion and leveling of inequalities in various environments since the summer of 2020.

Publié le 17 mars 2021Isabelle Massé La Presse

Nevertheless, a statistic heard a few months earlier, in Toronto, during a business gala where she was named, still gives sweats to Fabienne Colas: "For $ 1 collected by white women, women of color make80 cents!There is an inequality even between women!It was a click.»»

Thus, the entrepreneur and founder of the Montreal Black Film International Film Festival and Toronto had the idea of propeling women from black, Latin, Asian and Aboriginal communities in front of the eyes of decision -makers by creating ELL."I have set up this community for the sake of change," she explains.Often, women who have a promotion, who enter the advice and that we applaud are not racialized.It is urgent to raise awareness of this reality, to empower companies and to help make these women known, to do acceleration and mentoring activities.»»

She is in its infancy, but already, the organization pursues some specific objectives: to have these invisible professionals recognized, to constitute a talent basin, to understand their needs and work with companies in Canada to target the obstacles to which they fall into thework environments. « On ne veut plus entendre comme excuses qu’on n’en trouve pas !»», lance Nicole Piggott, présidente d’ElleV.

Diversité | Pour l’inclusion de toutes les femmes | La Presse

The president recalls that we are led to recruit people who resemble us and that the systems have not been designed for the recognition of the values or obstacles of women from diversity."And currently, the people who most resemble us are white women," she said.It requires structures that impose diversity in the selection process.Studies show that, with equal skills, for a woman to be recruited, a majority of women of color must already be in place.»»

Far from wanting to act in its corner, the management of ELLIV will hold its hand to different organizations, to universities to encourage women from diversity to go to programs where they are under-represented, to private companies for funding,to women as much as men.Because the task is enormous ... and because, even within the group targeted by the organization, the issues and the realities are multiple."The work is big and I want us to do things well, admits Nicole Piggott, who has had a career in human resources, especially at Rio Tinto and Bombardier.We are going to target certain things in the short term where we can get as many changes as possible.Recognition programs, for example.We are going to create a momentum and then we can accelerate.»»

"Today, we ring the alarm so that we can change things," adds Fabienne Colas.Diversity is an engine for wealth, efficiency and growth.We do not want superficial changes in the business community.It goes beyond the messages we publish on social networks. Vous reconnaissez la problématique, mais qui recommandez-vous ?»»