Hot chocolate: three dietary and comforting alternatives

Hot chocolate: three dietary and comforting alternatives

By Marion Surateau

Cocoa infusion

"Cocoa infusions are made from the bark of cocoa beans," explains Mélanie Micaux.They therefore naturally have the taste of chocolate, without having the calories.”They are bought in some supermarkets, and in organic stores.

For a gourmet drink, you can infuse it in half a cup of hot water, with an infusion with chaï spices."Cinnamon, starry anise, ginger: these spices immediately give a festive side," recalls the nutritionist.Then add a little vegetable milk, and coconut sugar for more gluttony.

Chocolat chaud : trois alternatives diététiques et réconfortantes

If these alternatives have given you a taste for adventure, Mélanie Micaux also recommends cider or hot apple juice with spices, American, or gold milk, Indian recipe based on milk and turmeric.What to test original recipes to vary the pleasures all winter.

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