How to wear canvas sneakers?- Marie Claire Belgium

How to wear canvas sneakers?- Marie Claire Belgium

Take into account the type of your canvas sneakers

The models of canvas sneakers are very varied. You can find something for everyone: similarly, by examining the price of canvas sneakers, you will notice that these shoes are also suitable for all budgets. As a result, you can get different models and styles. Depending on the type, it is possible to group canvas sneakers into two main families. You have on one side the high canvas sneakers and on the other, the low canvas sneakers. To wear your canvas sneakers well, you must take this detail into account and know the intricacies of each type.

High-top canvas sneakers

High-top canvas sneakers are ideal if you can't wear sneakers without socks. They are made to cover your feet while rising to your ankles. In this way, even without socks, you remain comfortable. Due to the shape of the canvas high-top sneakers, they go particularly well with short clothes.

We therefore recommend that you pair them with culottes or dresses that go down to knee height. In addition to being suitable for your group outings for example, it allows you to remain relaxed, but chic. In addition, high-top canvas sneakers are perfect for bringing a modern touch to the bohemian look. If you are a fan, then these shoes will allow you to sublimate it.

To do this, opt for the traditional floral dresses of the bohemian look. You have the possibility to embellish the whole thing with a belt for a different look. Whether you wear them or not, high-top canvas sneakers will have their place in the set. Since they can be worn without socks, high-top canvas sneakers are perfect in summer.

Low-top canvas sneakers

Unlike high-top sneakers, simple, low-top sneakers don't cover your ankles. However, this feature does not make them less attractive. They are discreet and sober for unparalleled adaptability. The best way to wear them is with pants, preferably jeans. This gives you a “casual chic” look. Match it all with a suitable t-shirt or top to have the ideal look for your outings with friends. A jacket or a perfecto will perfectly complement your style.

Like high-top sneakers, so-called low-top sneakers are also suitable for a bohemian look. If you have long dresses, do not hesitate to put them with this type of basketball. You will definitely enjoy the result. However, we suggest that you prefer dresses with flowing fabrics. They adapt much more to this type of shoe.

To ensure your style is perfect, pay attention to the combination of colors. Suits are made for special occasions so you need to stay stylish. Opt for sneakers in solid colors that you will wear with a black or blue suit, for example. Pairing the canvas sneakers with your shirt is also a smart idea.

How to wear canvas sneakers? - Marie Claire Belgium

In order to show off your shoes, your suit pants should not cover them. Ideally, it should stop just above or at your ankles. Depending on your preferences, you can decide whether to wear a tie or not.

Keep your canvas sneakers always spotless

Whatever shoes you wear, they lose all their beauty when they are not clean. This obviously remains valid for canvas sneakers. In fact, if you want to wear your canvas sneakers well, you should always keep them as clean as possible. This requires knowing some interesting tips for their maintenance.

Avoid washing your canvas sneakers by putting them in the washing machine. In addition to reducing the life of your machine with each wash, you risk damaging your shoes. The soles will probably be the first to give way. It is therefore important to wash your canvas sneakers yourself, by hand.

Use a damp cloth or cloth to do this. Also, use soap or stain removers specifically created for this purpose. Also, avoid focusing only on tasks. When you clean your sneakers, do it evenly. You can of course insist on the stains, but do not wash one part and leave another because you think it is clean. This eliminates the risk of discoloration and the formation of rings.

Also, to dry your shoes, find a dry place, but away from direct sunlight. The sun certainly speeds up the drying process, but it can tarnish your canvas sneakers. By doing so, you are sure to keep your canvas sneakers in good condition for as long as possible. You will really enjoy their durability and beauty.

Think about their personalization

With canvas sneakers, you can make your style something unique. All you have to do is personalize your pairs of sneakers in order to distinguish them. You can use several methods to achieve this.

Change the laces

Just by changing the laces of your shoes, you can completely change the way they look. Choose which laces to put on to add harmony or create contrast. For example, place white shoelaces on black canvas sneakers. In addition to highlighting your shoes, it adds a plus to your style of dress. Eyes will inexorably be drawn to your feet!

Feel free to match the color of the laces with that of part of your outfit. It could be your hat or your t-shirt. As a general rule, when you change the laces of your sneakers, it is to attract attention. Then think about putting brightly colored shoelaces on sneakers in sober colors.

Still concerning the laces, you have the possibility to change the way you tie them. To do this, all you have to do is find a style you like on the net, find the tutorial and follow the steps. You will then obtain original canvas sneakers both in terms of color and the arrangement of its laces.

Apply special paint

It is possible to bring a touch of originality to your canvas sneakers by applying special paint. This trick will allow you to add colors or camouflage others. To go further, you have the freedom to draw the patterns of your choice. They can be abstract or depict characters from your favorite movies or anime. If you have white canvas sneakers, this customization option is perfect.

Whatever your preferences, we recommend that you entrust this task to professionals. If you don't have the necessary equipment and experience, you risk permanently damaging your canvas sneakers.

With a professional, you are sure of the quality of the work done. If you want to do it yourself, you also have the opportunity to attend one of the many workshops organized for this purpose. They often take place in a relaxed atmosphere. You will then learn how to effectively personalize your sneakers yourself while having fun.

Your personalized canvas sneakers will be ideal for your outings with friends and for a casual but original look. You can wear them with shorts or jeans pants. To have several assembly possibilities, we advise you not to use this customization option on all your pairs of canvas sneakers. Keep a few of them intact.

Pay attention to colors and patterns

In order to wear your canvas sneakers well, you need to pay attention to their different patterns and colors. Depending on the occasion, some patterns will be less appropriate than others, although canvas sneakers tend to go with any outfit. We recommend that you give preference to canvas sneakers without patterns or with as few patterns as possible for solemn occasions.

If you want to go to the office, for example, flowered canvas sneakers or those with characters drawn on them are very inappropriate. Turn to those with plain and sober colors such as black, blue or brown. A few strips on the sides won't hurt. You will then be able to release the seriousness expected of you in your workplace.

However, nothing prevents you from giving free rein to your desires for outings intended to relax you. If you have an outfit made up of brightly colored clothes, refrain from wearing canvas sneakers that fall into the same category. The shoes will only blend into the whole without bringing anything new to it. In the worst case, you will fall into the category of “fashion faux pas” with a look that is too colorful.

Look to create contrasts that will draw attention to key points in your outfit. Keep the same logic when your outfit is mostly sober. Breaking up the harmony with a pair of flashy canvas sneakers highlights both your footwear and your overall look. By choosing the right type and colors for your canvas sneakers, you will ensure that you have a unique look.

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