How to wear red clothes for a winter rich in sensuality?

How to wear red clothes for a winter rich in sensuality?

A guarantee of good looks par excellence, red from all angles allows us to say goodbye to blush and other nuanced powders, without ever regretting it. And if it seems difficult to assume on the fashion side as its intensity is explosive, red proves its proud allure and its capital of seduction by inspiring grace and assurance better than any other tone.

Wearing red: choose the right intensity

Even if it means competing with millennial pink –last season's big trend–, light to dark red is a must in girls' winter wardrobes that punctuate fashion. In order to wear this invigorating color with panache, let's follow the guide of the different shades to adopt according to the color of our hair.

Warning to brunettes, and blondes with copper, amber and golden reflections. Your new mantra will be orange-red, with a hint of vermilion-like yellow. But the other reds are not left out either. We think of bright red, terracotta, coral, poppy, strawberry, mandarin – no, this is not a list of fruit salads – and coral red.

On the sidelines, brunettes and blondes with ash, silver and iridescent reflections will have reds with a hint of purple as their credo. Keep garnet red, carmine red, raspberry, cherry, ruby, burgundy, wine red and garnet red as perfect allies.

How to wear red this fall-winter 2020-2021?

How to wear red clothes for a winter rich in sensuality?

Afraid of attracting fashion attention? Let's calm things down by wearing red by the touch. Let's proudly twist a red vinyl skirt with a black hooded hoodie, a burgundy red cape with a slit dress, a garnet red trench coat with three-quarter length jeans, or a red check blazer with tailored Bermuda shorts.

If, on the other hand, we lean towards an all-over version, don't hesitate to play with cuts and materials. Pair a bright red sweater with darted trousers in the same tone, pair a burgundy red puffer jacket with a tapered skirt –to add a touch of sexiness–, and pair a poppy red sweater dress with high boots of same shades.

Red: the color to bet on this winter 2021

Leader of the fashion shows of Fashion Week 2021-2022, red will certainly dynamite our winter outfits. And if in all these options, we do not manage to find our account, we are delighted to learn that red is an ideal match for the various prints and key colors of this fall-winter.

Thus, to avoid going off in all directions, let's remember the association of red with the Liberty print –a bucolic motif dating from the 20th century–, the leopard print, and the various checked patterns that are the Prince of Wales, check pattern and tartan. Want to stand out from our style colleagues? So let's revise our colors and adopt red without moderation.

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