Lose weight after 50: the sports routine to adopt to make the pounds disappear

Lose weight after 50: the sports routine to adopt to make the pounds disappear

Menopause, hormonal changes, after 50, losing weight is not always child's play. It is well known, the older we get, the less easy it is to shed our extra pounds. However, it is wrongly thought that once menopause, it becomes impossible to find the line. This is a study published in the academic journal Science and relayed by a recent article in the New York Times, which denies this phenomenon and accuses the use of this excuse to justify the pounds gained after menopause. Suddenly, the director of the Kx gym, James Heagney delivers how to lose weight after 50 years to adopt.

All about our metabolism after 50

This study shows that everything we thought we knew about our metabolism is wrong. Using data collected from 6,500 men, women and children, over 40 years by 80 researchers, it reveals that our metabolism does not slow down until the age of 60. It is from this age that it begins to decline, by 0.7% per year. According to James Heagney, post-menopausal pounds are linked to a relaxation of one's lifestyle. It goes without saying that our metabolism is unique to everyone, and some people are more prone to weight gain than others. It depends both on our silhouette, but also on our intestines.” It is the loss of intestinal integrity that affects health the most. In question: alcohol, antibiotics, drugs (even paracetamol), the consumption of foods to which you are intolerant and stress,” he explains.

How to keep the line after 50 years?

According to James Heagney, women between the ages of 50 and 60 are recommended to have a fat mass of between 22 and 33% of the overall mass. "It's a wide range, and we rather seek to be around 21-22% around the age of 50, and to stay below 31-33% as we approach our sixties". He explains that “menopause causes the body to drop in estrogen, the hormone that contributes to good bone density“. To counter this, he advises following a resistance training program. This routine is built in 4 key steps. We start by taking its data to follow its evolution. We equip ourselves as it should to work in the best conditions. We start, with the help of health professionals to avoid any injury. Finally, we avoid delicacies, in favor of proteins.

Perdre du poids après 50 ans : la routine sportive à adopter pour faire disparaitre les kilos

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