Robe de soirée grande taille – choisissez-la en fonction de votre morphologie !

Robe de soirée grande taille – choisissez-la en fonction de votre morphologie !

Who says a round woman could not seem chic and elegant."Plus size" models, round, feminist fashion bloggers, they are all revolutionizing the universe of contemporary fashion, demonstrating that no, round women are neither less feminine nor less stylish.And fortunately the fashion industry has also seen a profitable niche, which has led to a “fashion” liberalization movement and the appearance of more and more important but still - models of large more size clothesmore chic.This article then to encourage women to curves their curves and find the best large evening dress according to their morphology.

What a large evening dress according to my morphology?Find the answer below ...

Morphology A (pyramid) - How to hide the hips?

It's what :

The morphology A, also known as the pyramid silhouette is that which is characterized by narrower shoulders than the more marked hips and thighs.So, in a few words, the lower body and larger than the top.

What a dress :

With a morphology A, seek to rebalance the proportions by focusing on the top, in a way to look away from the hips.Underline the chest with a V neckline, ruffles, ruddled or supported sleeves or opt for a colorful or printed with interesting patterns.Regarding the bottom, there we will bet on flared skirts and fluid materials so as to conceal the curves.

The morphology in V (inverted pyramid) - what dress tops to camouflage the builds

It's what :

A silhouette has reversed, the V morphology is characterized by narrower shoulders and a more generous chest than the hips.Somewhat athletic physique, sporting way that we will seek to feminize.

What a dress :

Robe de soirée grande taille – choisissez-la en fonction de votre morphologie !

Unlike the pyramid, here the effort will be concentrated on the supply of volume at the bottom.Flared, printed and rich color skirt are a sure way of enlarging the volumes at the bottom.On the other hand, for the top, we will bet on a simple style to camouflage the shoulders of the shoulders.Do not hesitate to accentuate the beautiful chest with a V décolleté or boat.The skater dress and trapeze that are very appropriate in your case.

The morphology in H (rectangle) - What a large evening dress to get the waist?

It's what :

Having the silhouette in H means that the proportions of the upper and lower body are more or less balanced ... But, what is the problem, then? ... well, the problem is at the level of the size that is notwell marked, which makes it again so that the body loses its femininity.

What a dress :

We will obviously seek a way of emphasizing the size and restoring interest in the silhouette.The real challenge is to draw curves where there is none.And normally, the first tip that we tend to use in order to underline the size is the use of a belt.Wrongly!Be careful then because the belt could have the opposite effect and further accentuate the lack of pronounced size.Rather, think of a way of emphasizing shoulders and chest, while accentuating hips.This is the winning formula!In terms of dresses, the Empire cut advances as the most appropriate solution.The straight cut is of course to avoid!

The morphology in O (Apple) - How to tame the omnipresence of curves?

It's what :

The silhouette of curves!Yes, this means that all parts of your body are more or less rounded, both shoulders and chest, belly and buttocks.There it will then be to refine the silhouette and appease the curves.

What a dress :

There again, contrary to popular belief, it is important not to try to conceal your beautiful curves but rather assume them and even (yes!) Underline them.Especially the chest that we are going to put it there again with a V décolleté or like a boat.Nevertheless, do not go to the other end by opting for a too tight dress.Prefer light and fluid materials.The use of a belt is recommended, it perfectly associates with a straight dress to draw the waist, while softening the curves.

The morphology in X (hourglass) - How to emphasize its fine waist Ashley Graham?


It's what :

Generous shoulders and hips accompanied by a fine waist.Considered to be very feminine, the Sablier silhouette allows great freedom when talking about choice of clothes and dresses in particular.

What a dress :

Usually, we will try to enjoy the fine waist with a curved cut.Cache-hearting dresses and wallets are then ideal in your case.Sublimate your chest with a V neckline and even a plunging neckline.We will prefer fluid materials again and if there is a round morphology which is able to endure a tight dress (but not too much), know that it is the silhouette in x.

Ashley Graham does not hesitate to put a tight dress and provides good proof that it is not to banish from the round world

The suspenders and the falling shoulders are a great way to hide imperfections in your arms!

Dress for black round woman with generous neckline to distract the eyes of curves

A flowery dress for round women with accent on the waist to have the morphology sandblass

Rock -style Large Size Dress for your evening with friends

The draped dress is a great option in a lot of cases!

Flowery skirt dress retro style to hide the hips

Too stylish model of large dress for modern women

The fluid dress is a beautiful suggestion of large evening dress for the scorching summer evenings

Straight and short dress with plunging neckline to draw attention to "good" games

A long and super fresh long -waisted long dress idea

Accentuated size using a belt to give a little shape to the flared cut

Beautiful perfect -sized ceremony dress for a chic country wedding

Charming idea of long sleeve dress and bare shoulders

Large tight and super chic cocktail dress for those who are not afraid to expose their curves

Chic leopard print dress with very slimming marked size

The small black dress, large version