What are we eating ?  Getting ready for Christmas

What are we eating ? Getting ready for Christmas

Just before the weekend, all readers who cook ask themselves this eternal question: what are we going to eat? In order to inspire you, La Presse suggests some suggestions for seasonal recipes that will make your mouth water.

Posted 3 Dec. 2021The Press

Indulgence: chocolate truffles from Cassandra Loignon

“It's my mother's recipe, says Cassandra Loignon, who made Simplement chic appear in Pratico-pratiques editions. Whenever we had parties, she served it at the end of the evening. The Instagrammer advises using good chocolate and real vanilla. "It's a nice host gift," she says. Be careful to keep these truffles cool, up to 15 minutes before tasting them.

Preparation: 25 minutes

Cooking: 5 minutes

Refrigeration: 1 hour

Quantity: 20 to 25 truffles


Ingredients for the coating


Source: Simplement chic by Cassandra Loignon, published by Pratico-pratiques editions.

Published on lapresse.ca on December 11, 2019.

Quickly done well done: wild turkey and mushroom rillettes

Here are the recipes of chef Jérémie Pilon. You can cut the recipe in half by using only one turkey leg, but if you like rillettes a lot, we suggest you make the whole recipe and freeze in small portions (slices or jars) what you don't. don't think about eating right away.

About twenty servings

Ingredients for the turkey

Preparation of the turkey

Ingredients for the rillettes

Preparation of the rillettes

Published on lapresse.ca on December 21, 2019.

Call me boss! : forest dumplings by Marieve Savaria

Mariève Savaria has a love affair with vegetables. She published The Vegetable Season — Take Advantage of the Harvests from June to November and Eat Local Year-Round, a book that is as pretty as it is useful.

She offers to cook forest dumplings, which can also be made in the form of rolls. “It's a simple recipe,” she says. It allows you to discover mushrooms. It can be used as an aperitif or as a meal, for children and adults. »

For 4 servings (meal) to 8 servings (aperitif)


Ingredients to taste


Source: The vegetable season — Take advantage of the harvest from June to November and eat locally all year round, by Mariève Savaria, illustrations by Paige Kramer Rochefort.

Published on lapresse.ca on December 5, 2020.

Guilty pleasure: chestnut cream tart from Gaël Vidricaire

As far back as she can remember, Gaël Vidricaire eats chestnut purée at Christmas. His aunt France served him this pie for the first time and, today, the Vidricaire family can no longer live without it… sometimes even in summer. "It's the best," says the pastry chef based in the Montcalm district of Quebec. It's the perfect combination of an ultra easy to make, yet ultra decadent recipe! »

The childhood dessert of the chef known for her sweet creations with bold flavors is disarmingly simple. To make it even better, Gaël Vidricaire recommends preparing it two days in advance. “Ladyfingers are fairly dry biscuits,” she explains. By preparing the dessert in advance, they have time to take the moisture from the cream and they become fluffy. »

Chestnut cream was not a very common ingredient in Quebec when the pastry chef was young. His father, who had done part of his studies in France, loved it. Fortunately, this ingredient is easily found in grocery stores these days.

Ingredients for cat's tongues (makes 50-60 pieces)

Ingredients for the chestnut cream

Ingredients for whipped cream

Preparing chat languages

Preparation of the chestnut cream

Preparation of whipped cream


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Health ! : mulled white wine

Molly Superfine-Rivera, the co-owner of Restaurant Marconi in Little Italy, developed this mulled white wine recipe. “This mulled wine is less sweet or spicy than the others,” she explains. Its taste is reminiscent of aromatic herbs and it is very comforting. At Molly's suggestion, we prepared it with Ciu Ciu d'Oris, an organic Falerio that sells for less than $15 at the SAQ.



Published in La Presse+ on December 19, 2020.