Sisyphe - The Major International Events Group and the Council of Montreal Women: Same Denial!

Sisyphe - The Major International Events Group and the Council of Montreal Women: Same Denial!

On August 10, 2021, Le Devoir reported that the Grouping of Major International Events (RÉMI) refuses to implement one of the recommendations of the Special Commission on the Sexual Exploitation of Minors, that of returning government subsidies to festivals conditional on the implementation of measures to combat this exploitation.

According to the RÉMI, the exploitation would be marginal and the problematic event would be the Formula One Grand Prix, which is not a member of the RÉMI.

In this article, Christine St-Pierre, Liberal MNA and former vice-president of the Commission, made it clear: "Montreal is a hub because of, among other things, the vigor of the tourism sector and the thousands of tourists who take part in these events”. These events attract many buyer-abusers and Montreal is nicknamed “the Bangkok of the West”.

RÉMI AND CM: same denial

The RÉMI is, unfortunately, not the only organization that resists reducing this scourge. In May 2021, the Conseil des Montréalaises (CM) issued its Opinion on the trafficking of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation during the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada(1). This opinion rigorously defends the positions of the proponents of the total legalization of prostitution. Moral panic, sensationalist media coverage, manipulation of data using myths and anecdotes, alarmist demonstrations: this is how the CM qualifies the many denunciations of women's groups about the increase in sexual exploitation during the Grand Prix!

However, these denunciations are based on serious data supported by numerous groups of women, including survivors of prostitution. For the Council, these denunciations are only intended to “raise indignation and provoke emotional reactions” he reiterates in the most serious way!

Sisyphus - The Grouping of Major International Events and the Conseil des Montréalaises: same denial!

For the CM, the denunciations are part of the many offensives of the abolitionists against the followers of prostitution!

Without embarrassment, he took up the well-worn arguments of these followers: "access to health care, the total decriminalization of sex work in order to counter violence, and the beginning of a change in public opinion in relation to "sex work".

It should be noted that health care is accessible to everyone in Canada and that violence is inherent in prostitution. It should be remembered that the total decriminalization of prostitution cannot completely eradicate violence and the countries that have legalized it have seen the situation of prostituted women deteriorate, as is the case in Germany(2).

When the Council speaks of the interest of “sex workers” who campaign for a change in public opinion, it translates their desire for the total decriminalization of prostitution as if it were their bearer. word.

The real violence is at the very heart of the exchange, the lack of desire of prostituted women for the buyers-abusers who buy their consent. Consent guided by basic needs, not free and uninformed, no matter what. Otherwise, why do 90% of them struggle to get out of this environment?

This opinion of the CM did not take any account of the Law on the protection of communities and victims of exploitation voted in December 2014 by the federal government. As if the buyer-abusers were not criminalized and above all concerned. A law that protects women as declared by several feminists and survivors of prostitution.

We note above all that the protagonists of prostitution are absent, namely the clients-abusers and the pimps. Not to mention that the word of all the women who are prostituted is silenced!

This opinion and the refusal of the RÉMI to recognize the sexual exploitation of girls and women during major events and to participate in curbing it are disappointing.

ALL major events generate an increase in sexual exploitation. What the CM ended up admitting. The participation of all stakeholders is essential: legislators, municipalities, police and organizations.

Notes 1.Le Conseil des Montréalaises, “Advice of the Conseil des Montréalaises on the trafficking of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation during the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, 2021 Read here2. Ingeborg Kraus, "Situation in Germany, 17 years after the decriminalization of procuring - Speech by Dr. Ingeborg Kraus at the National Assembly in Paris, May 24, 2018, Trauma and Prostitution, 2018: Read here

For the rights of women in Quebec Prostitution Committee: Johanne St-Amour and Leila Lesbet

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