The best chocolate pancake recipes - it at the table

The best chocolate pancake recipes - it at the table

Pancakes are a classic recipe that everyone loves.They can be garnished with all kinds of sweet and salty foods, and even flavored with spices or rum.Among the most popular variants, chocolate pancake is one of the hits.

How to prepare chocolate pancakes?

The recipe for chocolate pancakes does not differ much from that of classic pancakes.You can add cocoa to flour when making the dough or be satisfied with a gourmet chocolate garnish, or even opt for the two options!

Cocoa scented pancake dough

We start by mixing the flour, sugar and salt with cocoa powder.We then add the eggs, then the cold milk gradually.How do you know if your pancake dough has the right consistency?This must be fluid, but not too liquid either.So add the milk by adapting the dosage according to the texture.

For lactose -free pancakes, just use vegetable milk or creams.

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It is quite possible to flavor them by adding for example rum or vanilla to the dough, even if it is not really necessary, the latter being already flavored with cocoa.

The method

Once the cocoa dough is ready, all you have to do is blow up your pancakes in a slightly buttered pan or crepe maker.Nothing's easier !

And for a caramelized effect, we sprinkle with a little brown sugar each pancake before returning one last time.

What garnish for my cocoa pancakes?

Cocoa pancakes can be served cold as hot, accompanied by all kinds of toppings.Depending on the seasons, they go perfectly with fruits like bananas for example, or red fruits in summer.The greatest gourmets garnish them with honey, whipped cream, almonds, or simply sugar.

The good garnish for chocolate pancakes

To make natural chocolate pancakes, just spread the latter with a chocolate sauce.We can for example, use spread, homemade chocolate sauce (hot cream + chocolate), or even homemade chocolate praline.Chocolate pancakes go perfectly with whipped cream, bananas and other fruits depending on the season.To make the classic dark chocolate and citrus supreme combo, one mixes in a pan over low heat, sugar with supremes of oranges for example, until the latter have released their juice, and we serve with achocolate coulis.And for a dessert that for sure impresses, we cover the pancakes with milk or black chocolate chocolate, before superimposing them on top of each other to obtain a delicious chocolate pancake cake.

To follow: 15 recipes for chocolate pancakes that are good!