Toulouse.  Addicted to gambling and in debt, he robs two tobacconists in one evening

Toulouse. Addicted to gambling and in debt, he robs two tobacconists in one evening

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He arrived around 11 p.m., hooded and shotgun in hand. Saturday January 8, 2022, a man pushes the doors of a tobacconist of the Barrière de Paris, in Toulouse. His intentions are clearly bad and the 25- and 30-year-old employees obey his orders.

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He threatens them with a gun

The robber came for the cash. Under the threat of his weapon, he is given 400 euros and flees, disturbed by a witness, leaving behind him two panting victims (1 day of ITT each).

Officers from the Property Damage Unit (UAB) pick up the investigation. They discover that three hours earlier, using a similar modus operandi, an individual dressed in the same way, robbed a Tarn tobacconist, near Carmaux. His victim is this time around sixty years old and had to pay the sum of 700 euros to his attacker.

Toulouse. Accro au jeu et endetté, il braque deux bureaux de tabac en une soirée

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A compulsive gambler

Thanks to the use of video surveillance images, the investigators manage to establish that the Toulouse robber left the scene aboard a small utility vehicle. Whose origin they traced. It is a 29-year-old man whom the police arrested on Wednesday January 26, 2022, at 6 a.m., at his home.

In police custody, the latter remained silent. The investigation established that the respondent was a compulsive gambler, crippled with debt. Presented to an investigating judge, he was indicted for armed robbery and remanded in custody.

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