What the actors take instead of drugs in films

What the actors take instead of drugs in films

Did you know that drug use was illegal in France?I hope for you anyway.The law also applies to films, all country combined.This question then arises: instead of drugs in films, what do they consume the actors?NB: We do not take tobacco and alcohol into account in this article.

It is by writing this article that we realize that unorique films show people consuming drugs, tobacco and alcohol included.Isn't that UMA?

She agrees with me

Obviously, no actor has never really taken drugs (during the shooting of a scene), these are similaris.Maybe some actors have already taken it outside, but we will assume that not.It is the accessorists who are responsible for finding false real good weed and/or coke.Some chefs accessorists can call on site that sells false marijuana.The principle is simple, it looks like weed, it smokes, but there is no effect.We are talking about "Wizard Weed", or Beuh of the magician for those who want to translate everything all the time!


Ce que prennent les acteurs à la place des drogues dans les films

False cigarettes, or grass cigarettes can also be used.This would be the case in particular of the Zombieland scene in which, after having smoked joints, our heroes remake a remake of Ghostbusters.As for white powder, what subterfuge?Smecta bleached?Everything depends.Regarding cocaine there are several ways.Jonah Hill in the film Le Loup by Wall Street, took vitamin B.Sometimes we use flour, we add water, eggs, we sneeze and that makes a cake.Powdered milk can also be used.

So this man is made of vitamin B?

Medicines are also part of this category.For these substances, there too we can find different ways.First, the actor pretends to eat or prick himself.How would such a subterfuge can tell me?Good actor game and sometimes a little special effects.Guys are paid expensive, if they are not able to pretend to swallow a medoc...Then for heroin, it has already been to inject a liquid into an arm -shaped prosthesis.The trick was notably used for the film Trainspotting (1996).

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There are a lot of ways to simulate drug taking, thanks to accessorists in particular.Even cigarettes and alcohol are often replaced, depending on the actors, but also the number of sockets.Remember that drug abuse is dangerous for health.Especially if your parents see you.