Wine cellar: Which one to choose?How much does it cost ?

Wine cellar: Which one to choose?How much does it cost ?

You have bottles at home and you would like to store them otherwise than in a cupboard of your kitchen.You want to buy good bottles but you have no place to keep them.Here are our tips for choosing the best wine cellar according to your needs.

Wine cellar: the different types of cellars

The purpose of the service wine cellar is to allow the tasting of your bottles at the right temperature.These are the ones you find in most restaurants.They are most often embedded in a decoration.This type of cellar allows the conservation of wines over a limited period, for bottles that we will not keep for several years.

Inspired by old cellars, they try to reproduce as faithfully as possible the conditions of conservation of the underground cellars of the last centuries.This type of cellar is aimed at wines, you must have wines of a certain quality to fully enjoy the performance offered by these aging cellars.This product allows the conversation of very good bottles for many years.

This cellar is a mix between the service cellar and the aging cellar, you will not need to make a choice between the two.This type of cellar has different temperature zones to place each of your bottles according to its conservation conditions.You can place in an area the bottles you want to keep preciously, create a second area for drinking bottles in 1 or 2 months.

Cave: models less than 200 €

This cellar is ideal for small budgets and for those looking for a small service cellar.With a capacity of 18 bottles, you can store your wines for the next evenings on 3 levels.You can adjust the temperature of this cellar between 10 and 32 degrees depending on your bottles.Its format is perfect for being placed in a kitchen: 34kg, 83cm x 54 cm x 54.5 cm.It is a product that perfectly corresponds to beginners in oenology.

Cave à vin : laquelle choisir ? Combien ça coûte ?

For higher performance and still at less than 200 €, the Candy CWEL 210 cellar is perfect.Its strong point, its technology which allows you to keep the freshness you want with a completely pure air.It also has an anti-vibration system that improves the conservation of your bottles.This product has a capacity of 21 bottles organized on 7 different levels with an adjustable temperature between 7 and 18 degrees.You can easily arrange it in all rooms in your house with its suitable format: 40cm x 70 cm x 55cm.No problem if you want to put it in your living room, it is extremely silent.

Models less than 500 €

This multi-temporary wine cellar offers great performance with a storage capacity of 33 bottles.It has different temperature zones.Each area is independent and you can therefore keep very good bottles in a game and have rosés for the summer in another.In the upper area, you can store 15 bottles with a temperature between 12 and 18 degrees.And in the lower area, you have more places with 18 bottles and a temperature between 5 and 14 degrees.This cellar has a sleek design, it also has an anti -UV window to maximize the conservation of your bottles.It measures 49.5cm x 43cm x 84.8 cm.

This cellar will be used to refresh your bottles as well thanks to its highly powerful temperature regulation system and to keep your oldest bottles thanks to its regulated hygrometry technology.It’s a very beautiful cellar with a black sober design and its white LED lighting.You can store up to 39 bottles in this product.It is standard size: 47.4cm x 84 cm x 44cm.Strong point, you will be able to follow the actual temperatures to serve them at the right time for your guests.

Wine cellar: the best of high -end cellars

This large aging cellar is incredible.You can store up to 140 high quality bottles to age them in the best way.You can choose the temperature of your choice between 5 and 22 degrees to manage the aging of your wines as you wish.This cellar has a full door, that is to say that it will protect your bottles from light and outside temperature.Everything is done to make your wines even better.You have 4 different levels to classify your different bottles.We advise you to place this cellar in a suitable room.Its format is larger: 59.5cm x 69cm x 131.5cm.

This large format wine cellar, possibility of 96 to 300 bottles, will delight oenology fans.Its double insulation door is ideal for the conservation of your wines.You can adjust the temperature between 5 and 20 degrees according to your needs.The format of this cellar is very interesting because it is organized in 6 removable wooden shelves with drawer.It has powerful technology, a compressor cold system with anti-vibration.In addition, she is very discreet, she does not make noise.You can easily arrange it in your cellar, basement or garage, it measures 50cm x 125cm x 54cm.

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