How to make vegan pancakes - she at the table

How to make vegan pancakes - she at the table

1010gâteau of vegan chocolate pancake © ciarra from the PEANUT Butter Plus Chocolate blog

Like every February 2, we celebrate Candlemas, celebrates during which pancakes are in the spotlight.Without cow's milk or eggs, vegan pancakes are just as gourmet and even easier to digest.Presentation and tips.

Ideal for vegans or allergic people, vegan pancakes are a light and economical alternative to conventional pancakes.

How to make vegan pancakes?

Vegan pancakes are just as easy to achieve as conventional pancakes.Thus, we abandon cow's milk and fresh eggs from the traditional recipe, for cornstarch, cornstarch, and plant liquids: oil (sunflower, avocado, grape seeds ...) for cooking, and milkVegetable (almond, soy ...).

Vegan pancake dough

We start by diluting about 80g of cornstarch (for 8 pancakes) with water, then mix with 250g of flour, a little sugar and a pinch of salt.Then, for lactose -free pancakes, 50cl of almond, soy or rice milk is added, in a gradual way, in order to be able to control the final consistency of the dough.If the latter should not be as liquid as water, it should not be too thick its texture.

And for gluten -free pancakes, we simply replace traditional flour with rice flour.Nothing's easier.

Vegan pancake dough sans fécule

For a vegan pancake paste without starch, just replace the latter with a very small amount of baking powder (about 4G for 8 pancakes) during the first step in the recipe.We then mix the rest of the ingredients, always adding vegetable milk to the end, gradually.

How to replace the butter with oil to prepare pancakes?

In the recipe for traditional pancakes, it is possible to add melted butter in the dough, in order to obtain more soft pancakes.In the case of vegan pancakes, the butter is replaced with vegetable oil such as sunflower oil, peanuts or grape seeds.Be careful, however, to choose neutral vegetable oil to prevent the latter from having a taste for your preparation.

The method

Comment faire des crêpes vegan - Elle à Table

Once your vegan dough is ready, the method remains the same.We slightly oil the pan or crêpière before cooking a ladle of dough, about 2 minutes on each side.To find out if your pancakes are ready, just shake slightly, the edges should detach from the pan without difficulty.

What garnish for my vegan pancakes?

Like conventional sugary fur pancakes, vegan pancakes can be tasted hot as cold, with all kinds of toppings, sweet and salty.They are often served with fresh seasonal fruits, in jam, compote or even puree.In winter, we opt for bananas or citrus fruits, which go perfectly with a chocolate sauce for example.Vegan pancakes can be covered with spread and syrup of all kinds.We accompany them with almonds, nuts, or simply classic sugar and lemon combo.In salted version, they are stuffed with vegetables, spinach, or even plant cheeses.For vegan pancakes in the colors of Asia, we think of bringing leeks finely minced in coconut cream and a little curry, a real delight.For a more classic garnish, why not season them with vegan béchamel and fresh mushrooms?

And to never miss inspiration again, here are 10 vegan pancake recipes to test absolutely.

Vegan pancakes with cashew whipped cream, pomegranate and kakis

© Hannah du blog Two spoons

We garnished our vegan kakis pancakes, pomegranate seeds and whipped cream with cashews for a healthy dessert, and full of vitamins.The ideal combo to have fun this winter.

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Vegan crêpes with dark chocolate, bananas and peanut butter

© Ana du blog Spoon ful of kindness

On her blog, Ana offers a vegan pancake recipe that requires only three ingredients.They are tasted covered with melted dark chocolate, peanut butter and cut bananas for even more gluttony.

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Vegan pancakes with chickpea flour

© Sarah du blog Making thyme for health

In addition to being vegan and gluten -free at the same time, these pancakes are garnished with carrots, lawyers, lettuce and houmous with beets for a healthy result with colorful visual that does not leave indifferent.

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Cake of Crêpes Vegans à Chocolat Dark

© Eva du blog The curious chickpea

How to resist this vegan cake made up of thin layers of chocolate pancakes, subtly spread with whisky whisky cream?

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Vegan oven pancakes, spinach and feta vegan

© Anja du blog Best of vegan

For this recipe, we mix onions, spinach, and vegetable cheeses within our vegan pancakes, before sliding it all in the oven for 10 minutes.A delight.

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Vegan pancakes with spinach, mushrooms and almond cheese

© Hannah du blog Domestic Gothess

These vegan pancakes based on chickpea flour are filled with onions, spinach and mushrooms.The secret of this recipe?The delicious vegetable cheese with almonds that enhances everything.

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Vegan pancakes with mushrooms and cashews

© Emica du blog Plant baked

These vegan pancakes are filled with mushrooms and a cashew nut cream for a tasting as tasty as comforting.

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Vegan pancakes with maple syrup

© Alison Andrews du blog Loving it vegan

Rolled in maple syrup, these vegan pancakes with sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice are good.

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Vegan pancakes with vegetables

© Michaela du blog Ela vegan

For 100% veggie pancakes, they are garnished with vegetables, mushrooms, chickpeas and a little spices.And for a crispy little touch, why not make them slightly fry in the pan once stuffed?

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Vegan chocolate pancake cake

© Ciarra du blog Peanut butter plus chocolate

Filled with coconut cream, this vegan cake of chocolate pancakes is as simple to make as beautiful to watch.

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