The ECAP® system, thermal insulation from the outside by thin coating with semi-finished plates

The ECAP® system, thermal insulation from the outside by thin coating with semi-finished plates

Batirama.Com 30/06/20210

The ECAP® system is an outside thermal insulation process (ITE)) which uses semi-finished polystyrene plates.The plates have received, under manufacture, a treatment which revolutionizes exposure times by simplifying the scenario of operations.

With ECAP® innovation, the site is therefore shorter and less painful.This technological advance is the ideal alliance between energy efficiency, saving time and labor.

An innovation that limits the duration of the site, in three points:

1 - Application on the polystyrene plate of a basic layer (ragid)) 3 mm thick.

2 - Integration of a QB certified reinforcement.

3 - Coating and cutting shutters in the frame for the location of the ankles.

Le Système ECAP®, l’isolation thermique par l’extérieur par enduit mince avec des plaques semi-finie

A well -positioned frame will ensure good aging of the system.

In order to fight against thermal bridges, the joint of the plates is facilitated by the presence of the overflowing reinforcement on two sides of the plate.

ECAP® system advantages

• First step of the ite (base layer, marouflage of the frame and location of the ankles)) made in the factory which decreases drying times and avoids the tedious step of applying the first pass and marouflage of the frame.

• Best alignment of the panels which makes it possible to escape heavy sanding operations (decrease in waste and dust during the site)).

• Insurance of a well -positioned frame: better aging of the system.

• Graphite gray panels are exempt from anti-UV protection during the site.

• certified as a fire recommendation guide for collective housing.

• Acermi certified insulation and manufactured in France.

• Efficient system eligible for tax aid and incentives.

• Full range of components (glues, basic layers, finishes, accessories...)).

• Wide choice of aspects of finishes, granulometry and colors (500)).

• Deletion of thermal bridges.

Ease of application of the ECAP® system in 4 steps

• collage or setting and fixing ECAP® plates

• Peripheral marouflage of plates (about 20 cm))

• Surface ragid

• Application of the fixative and the thin coated finish

System within everyone's reach!

Applicable on any type of surface in new or renovation and curling.

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