The falun for garden paths and courtyards

The falun for garden paths and courtyards

A whole garden cannot be grassed: the circulation spaces, such as the paths, and the courtyard if you have one, will be stabilized in order to facilitate the passage of vehicles of all kinds. Is falun a suitable coating?

What is falun?

The falun is similar to a soft rock of light yellow color, it is a marine sedimentary deposit dating back more than 65 million years. By examining it in the palm of the hand, we notice that it is formed of shell debris, sometimes whole or partially broken, forming a loose and friable limestone rock since the falun is found mixed with sand and clay. .

The falun is not found everywhere in France, but corresponds to areas where the marine paleoenvironment was shallow and warm, such as the sea of ​​Faluns which existed about 15 million years ago and which extended from Ille -et-Vilaine, as far as Vienne via Anjou and spreading out in Touraine as far as Blésois. The Aquitaine basin and the Landes with the faluns of Salles, also formed a gulf with a shallow sea, which produced faluns.

Apart from Touraine and Landes, the two major regions of falun land, there are also a few in Brittany, Normandy and Provence.

Le falun pour les allées et cours du jardin

For a very long time, peasants have used falun to lighten heavy soils made up of clay and flint, then to amend acid soils rich in silica.

Use of falun to lay out the garden

Your driveway allowing you to park your car, your walkways in the garden or your space adjoining your terrace on which you have installed your barbecue or your Eno enamelled cast iron plancha must be passable and not muddy after the slightest downpour. The falun can be well suited for this, especially since it keeps a natural appearance, which is not the case with concrete or asphalt.

However, as always, it is better to use materials from your region: you will achieve a development that is more in harmony with your natural environment and it will cost you less in transport to have it delivered. So if you are not in a falun region, maybe it will be better to choose another stone.

This rock is well suited for these outdoor paths and paths, whether driveways or pedestrian paths, because it allows good flow of water in the ground and good drainage of excess rain, while resisting freezing and compressions. However, it will be necessary to do things correctly and prepare the ground well:

Excluding transport and packaging costs, the price of falun is around 25 € / ton.

(top photo by Medalgicus — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0)