Things not to do when baby is constipated -

Things not to do when baby is constipated -

During Baby's first months, transit experiences many fluctuations1 and this is a source of stress for parents, who see the discomfort and their child and who feel helpless. Do not panic, it is common for breastfed babies to go through periods of constipation, and the same is true for those fed with infant formula, especially when it is not suitable for them. Family, friends and the Internet are full of more or less relevant advice in the event of constipation in children. Be careful not to try everything and anything! We give you some examples to avoid with the good advice of Dr. Arnault Pfersdorff, pediatrician.

Changing milk without asking the opinion of the pediatrician

You read somewhere that infant formula could be one of the causes of constipation in babies and you think you are doing the right thing by changing milk. This may be one of the solutions, but you should not do it without talking to your pediatrician who will tell you if it is the best solution for your baby and will tell you which one to turn to (there are specialized transit accelerator with reduced casein content).

Overdoing water that is too rich in magnesium

Of course, mineral waters rich in magnesium have an effect on transit. But it is not recommended to give it to babies, or in exceptional cases (1 half of classic water and 1 half of magnesium-rich water mixed with infant milk in the bottle for 2-3 days maximum). Do not get into your head that it is a miracle solution by preparing all your bottles with water of this type.

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Put the thermometer in the buttocks

Things Not To Do When Baby is constipated -

This is an old grandmother's method that can sometimes help but must be avoided because it can be dangerous. On the one hand, it can cause a sore or crack in the anus or rectum. In addition, it risks setting up a habit from which your child will only be able to pass stools thanks to local stimulation by thermometer and lead to what is called "reflex" constipation which requires long treatments. and difficult.

Changing the method of preparing the bottle

Do you think that by putting more water than milk in your child's bottle, he will have a bowel movement more easily? It's wrong. Constipation is sometimes due to poor preparation of the bottle. Good practice: 30ml of water for a level pod of infant milk.

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Waiting too long before consulting for constipation

Of course, it is useless to call your pediatrician if your baby has not had a bowel movement for 24 hours, although he usually does after every feed or at least once a day when he is fed formula. On the other hand, after 4-5 days, it is better to consult so that the doctor can rule out any medical emergency or possibly prescribe a new infant formula. However, be aware that a fully breastfed baby may only have one bowel movement every 4 to 5 days.

Putting it on the potty too early

Potty training too early (before 2 years old) can have consequences on the child's transit. If you wish, you can offer him the pot after meals but without putting pressure on him. Everyone has their own pace, and you must respect that of your child.

Squeeze him to have a bowel movement

In general, do not rush your child, especially when he is on the potty or passing stool in his diaper. We avoid phrases like “Hurry up! "Well that's it, are you finished?" " " We are going to be late ! ". It's the best way to prevent it!

1Setting up the gut microbiota