Tiles: Watch out for renovation outside regulations

Tiles: Watch out for renovation outside regulations

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Industrial developments in ceramic tiles do not spare the renovation.Some are not taken into account by the rules of the art.It is necessary to redouble a vigilance at the time of the preparation of the supports.

As always, manufacturers in the world of ceramics are growing in innovation."The aesthetics of tiling has changed and diversifies both from one point of view of formats and products," informs Sabrina Vadrot, product manager Pose of tiles at Saint-Gobain Weber France.

The trend ?"Formats 60 x 60 cm and more, thin and oblong, as well as high -end porcelain stoneware".Only concern: "Officially in renovation, one cannot put tiles on the ground beyond 3,600 cm2", recalls Christine Peltier of the SIKA Technical Service."It is then necessary to explain to individuals the constraints of the great modules"


It is impossible to respond to the requests of its customers?"From the moment a large format is glued to another existing, the manufacturers of implementation products require predicting a ragid beforehand to ensure perfect waterproofing and secure the collage plane".And of course, "to receive the supports in the rules of the art", abounds Alexandrine Gerbier, chief of Colles and joints products at Mapei.A must to avoid inconvenience.But it’s not the only one.

Vigilance on supports

"Paste a new coating on an old tiles poses no worries, even if the tiles had to present microfissures.But, on the other hand, it must not sound hollow, "alerts Christine Peltier.Same warning at Mapei, "when a tile sounds hollow, it is imperative to remove it and fill the space left empty," continues Alexandrine Gerbier.

In addition, an old tiles must be "very well cleaned, takes up Sika's technical coordinator.It is imperative to carry out sodium leaching, let it act and rinse.Polis tiles also call for a certain vigilance.They have very severe superficial tensions.We must therefore sand this surface ”.

The fact remains that faced with these new installation techniques, increasingly varied sites, "and end customers with assertive requirements, companies must be adapted and agility by developing a quality of listening and advice,And a real commercial approach, ”informs the manager of Saint-Gobain Weber France.

Comfort always improved

Carrelage : attention à la rénovation hors réglementation

On the side of PMO manufacturers, we focus on ease and comfort of installation.Versatility is."In some cases, it is possible to free yourself from primary.Other solutions developed provide better performance for the applicator, allowing for example to make the same surface with 15 kg of product as with 25 kg, "adds Alexandrine Gerbier.

After the anti-dust pushed by Parex Lanko a few decades ago, then the lightened versions, "we continue to get involved for the well-being and health of our customers", informs Sabrina Vadrot."We are developing PMOs with more smoothness, more facilitating, and with low environmental impacts".An equally inevitable dimension to meet the expectations of companies such as those of private customers.

Solution 1: Case of an old coating preserved

The installation in renovation on existing tiles, semi-flexible slabs and homogeneous PVC coatings in leses, old paint, or old soil in flowing resins is targeted by the technical prescription notebook (CPT) soils P3-RENOVATION, Book 3529_V4 of 2012*.

© Photo Weber

Be careful, these tiles intended to become a new coating today are faced with two new trends.First of all, those of formats greater than 3,600 cm2 excluding regulations.

If there is certainly regulatory incompatibility since this implementation is not targeted by a technical prescription notebook, this installation is possible provided you plan an intermediate ragid.Even if these tiles large modules are only 6 mm thick, you must also pay attention to the height of the sandwich.

The other big trend: wanting to stick a new tiles on waxed concrete which after years of plebiscite in individuals are less the subject of enthusiasm.Please note this type of surface blocks the grip of implementation products (PMO).The installation of tiles is therefore not possible, unless you deposit everything.

Avantages : moins onéreux et plus rapide qu’une dépose totale de l’ancien revêtement

Limites : attention aux hauteurs obtenues en conservant un ancien revêtement, en particulier s’il faut ragréer.

*http: // Evaluation.CSTB.fr/fr/search/

Solution 2: Case of an old wooden support

The installation of tiles on wooden floor is very common, and also targeted by the CPT 3529_V4.

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If the support is not a flexible floor floor, nor on jokes or on solovages, on paving or sanitary ideas, the tiles sticks provided that you plan a suitable primary and a fiber ragid.But beware, normally the size of the tiles is limited to 33 x 33 cm.

To go beyond, you have to dissociate above the fiber ragasage.If it is a renovation and the floor is a wooden type wooden panel CTBH or OSB -rarely CTBX far too expensive -the installation will be identical to a wooden floor kept.

Another possibility: get rid of the fiber ragid by placing directly on a dissociate matte which has a double function, since they can also act as a water protection system under tiles (SPEC).An interesting option in particular in renovation of the bathroom where this process is recommended by the rules of the art.

Avantages : mise en œuvre courante visée par le CPT pose collée de carrelage en rénovation.

Limites : nécessite un repérage minutieux, par pièce, des affaissements, lames manquantes ou mal fixées, des joints entre lames ou entre panneaux.

Solution 3: Installation on an old support heated by the floor

The old tiles shelters a heated floor?It is quite possible to bring a freshness thanks to the implementation of a new tiles.

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There will be no question of coming to stick this coating, if the heating floor is electric.In addition, before intervening, the heated or low temperature floor will have been stopped at least 48 hours to make the ambient temperature at the support.

Likewise, since the new tiles will add thickness, it is of course necessary to provide the height of the sandwich, and think of the heating which will be slightly longer.Once these precautions have been integrated, a renovation installation is fully considered by means of special mortar-color heating heating.In addition, providing a dissociateing mat allows the installation of a new tiles even on a cracked soil which covers a heated floor.

Avantages : gain de temps, opération moins coûteuse, immobilisation réduite des locaux à rénover.

Limite : mise en œuvre impossible avec un plancher chauffant électrique.

Expert opinion

Nadège Ombé, Secretary General of the National Union of Building Tile Entrepreneurs (UNECB-FRS).

"The null joint installation will not be targeted by the texts"

Building: tile formats are constantly growing.Will they be taken into consideration by the reference texts in renovation?

Nadège Ombé : Pour l’instant, les grands formats (3 600 cm2

Will the pose with zero joints requested by customers also be taken into account by regulations?

Nadège Ombé : Effectivement, de plus en plus de clients souhaitent un carrelage avec une pose bord à bord pour des questions d’esthétique.The null joint installation will not be targeted by the texts because the experience shows that it leads recurrently to claims.

What are the keys for a successful floor tiling installation in renovation?

Nadège Ombé : L’idéal reste de déposer complètement le revêtement existant avant d’en coller un nouveau.But for a question of cost, this solution is not always achievable, orienting rather towards a pose on the existing.One of the key steps is that of the recognition of the support.Namely the analysis of the existing coating, but also of the support.In addition, when the existing is kept, it must be prepared, and catch up with any defects.

What would be your warnings?

Nadège Ombé : La rénovation des sols peut paraître simple à réaliser, mais les entreprises de carrelage doivent prendre quelques précautions.Respecting the texts of the professions is important to be covered by the guarantees of the basic contracts of insurers.

Watch out for the flatness, because the new tiles will not catch up with an important defect on the existing coating.In addition, the choice of new tiles must be adapted to the classification of the premises.Finally, it should not be forgotten that often a craftsman intervenes in a inhabited house.Individuals generally appreciate clean sites.

Source: Batirama.Com / Stéphanie Lacaze-Haertelmeyer