Firm tofu recipe

Firm tofu recipe

A Camille Oger recipe.Reporter, photographer and author, Camille is mainly interested in the cultural aspects of the kitchen.

Discover the pan;Milk should have completely curled.With a ladle, delicately remove as much as possible and use it to moisten the chele in the mold.Always with the ladle, delicately take the curd and place it in the cheese.Hunt the excess of whey in the mold by slightly lifting the cheese.When all the curd is in the mold, close the cheese and place the lid of the mold over.If you use a colander, put a small plate over.

To get half-brig tofu, stretch the lid with a weight of 500 grams and wait for about 15 minutes.For firm tofu, use a weight of about 1.5 kg and wait 15 to 20 minutes.The volume of the tofu, once in a hurry, must have reduced by half for half-brig tofu, and two thirds for firm tofu.He will firm up more by cooling;Don't press it too much.

Recette du tofu ferme

Fill a bowl with cold water and unmold the tofu inside.Leave it in the water for about 5 minutes to firm it.Place a plate under the tofu bathed in the water and take it out of water.Let it sit for a few hours in a cool place, covered with a cloth, before cooking it.If you do not plan to use it within 8 hours, place it in the refrigerator in an airtight box, covered with water.Change the water every 2 days;The tofu should keep up to 1 week.

Note: if you are lazy to make your soy milk, you can buy it commercially.Ideally, choose fresh soy milk sold in certain Chinese, Japanese and Korean grocery stores.If you buy it in a French brand, be vigilant: it should not contain any thickening, conservative or additive, and above all not be sweet.Also make sure it is quite rich: it must contain at least 1.8 gram of lipids and 3.6 grams of protein per 100 ml.