Pepper: the stylish homewear brand that we are going to tear yourself away

Pepper: the stylish homewear brand that we are going to tear yourself away

It's cool, it's eco and it's Belgian.The winning trio that makes us love a brand for sure!Piment is a new brand committed to homewear that is doing as much to chill at home as to go out in town brunch with friends.And it tears almost as strong as that found in South America!


The designer bears her name wonderfully.Born into a family of independent artists, Chanelle Van Tuijn had a rather atypical journey.She has not studied styling, as the logic of things would like.At university, she first undertook studies in philosophy and letters, and then turning to something totally different: she worked for 3 years for a multinational cosmetics leader.But Chanelle is ambitious, creative.His passion and perseverance led her to develop a brand of homewear that looks like him."The most important today is not the diplomas, but the values of people," she tells us.If large companies have not yet understood, the young designer is however convinced that the future of the market will be more turned to humans.Meet.

Pepper: Who is it?

Piment est une marque de homewear in & out qui accompagne les femmes dans les coulisses de leurs vies.A multifunctional garment that understands them in the continual improvisation of their days.She advocates a world without barriers, starting with our wardrobe, and it is also and above all a brand engaged against fast fashion.

Why did you launch your own fashion label?What was the trigger ?

I launched my brand at 25, I worked at the time for a multinational and even if I had already felt this frustration being a student, the pace of work/house was a revelation.I went home after spending my day in uncomfortable clothes, but in which I felt sure of myself and I came back to jog.I found it unfair that we offer so many choices to women to dress outside, but also little inside. Alors j’ai eu envie de créer un vêtement hybride qui comprenne la femme moderne, un homewear in&out.

What should you think when you create a homewear line?

Piment : la marque de homewear stylée que l’on va s’arracher

C’est tout l’enjeu du homewear in&out, celui d’allier confort et esthétique.While coming to navigate between sportwear, the world of sleep and external clothing.Then our second challenge is to offer these advantages to all women, regardless of their morphology.

What are the ecological values of chili?

Pepper is a brand engaged against fast fashion.The design and production are Belgian, and all our fabrics come from falls of haute couture houses.We do not follow the frantic pace imposed by fashion, we want at all costs to avoid overproduction.This is why we only offer pre-order capsules collections and only for sale on our website.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration, I find it in everyday life.Whether in books, films, exhibitions or music clips.Above all, I create clothes I dream of wearing!

What are your advice for daring homewear outside?How to accessorize it to make it sophisticated?

Daring the homewear outside is to make a statement.That of killing barriers and prejudices.Basically, there is nothing new, streetwear is the pioneer.Wearing sports clothes on the street, it has been around since the 90s.To dare the homewear outside, just have the right accessories, the right pair of sneakers or heels, everyone has their appropriation or expression.I am a fervent claimer of the singularity and detachment of the gaze of others.Releasing women is also freeing them from the company's clothing shackles.

Do you think Slow Fashion one day completely takes over the Fast Fashion?

It is an ideal to which we must tend, for the good of all.You do not imagine the economic, political and societal impact that fashion has on our world.It is not surprising that the fashion industry is oriented towards sustainability.After having been one of the most harmful to the environment for years, it is time for emerging creators to take a stand and approach the fashion sector from a new angle.I launched my brand because I am deeply convinced that it is the young brands committed as chili who will make the difference and will inspire large groups to change.

Brand development projects?A new collection for the next season?

We have lots of new projects for this year.One of the biggest on which I work is related to the transparency of the price.My goal is to educate consumers to understand what is hidden behind the price of an environmentally friendly product and its suppliers.A € 7 t-shirt has become the standard, but at the cost of what?And especially to the detriment of who?Finally, we are working on the Ladem Collection that is announced ... Festive!I'm not saying more.Stay Tuned!


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